Butte Bronies tag entire neighborhood - Turf War is on

Shit is about to go down in the hardest 'hood in middle-America - Butte, Montana. There, various pony posses are prepping for a throw-down, having spent this week tagging a hotly-contested neighborhood in their ongoing technicolor turf war.

According to local news:

Police received reports starting Saturday morning of the cartoon names scrawled on a vehicle, fences and garage doors. The majority of graffiti was found on Keokuk and Hancock streets. About six sites were hit.

The Berkely-Pit-Pinkies started the feud, when they dissed the OC of "Soulja Colt" of the Daly Street Dashfags. The Mount Fleecer Flutterfags have been thusfar absent in the conflict, but the Amherst Apples are expected to hop in at any moment. The Rarifags have been confirmed to not be involved in the gang war, as leader "3 Gems" had this to say on the matter.

"Those fools love Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, it's no surprise that they be gettin turnt over a prank contest." 3 Gems said, polishing his diamond tooth "When they've wiped each other out, the Rarifags will move in and take both of their turf."

Most curious is a tag that simply reads "Jade" which, unbeknownst to police, is NOT the name of a pony.

Jade Aurora has not been reached for comment.

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