/mlp/ challenged to charity

It is a widely-believed fact that the 4chan user known as "Capper General" died last year when he was gunned down by raiding police officers at Bronycon (other versions of the story include him being locked in a bathroom and beaten before this taking place). Though the details vary, it is agreed that the man we know as Capper perished that day, following the Spaghetti Incident. In remembrance of his passing, nor/mlp/eople gathered together and dropped a record 4.2 Tons of Spaghetti into a foodbank in his name. This year anons are going to try to do it again, but not to remember Capper, but instead to fuck with him.

In November of last year, the board collected $3120 for the food bank, an act of unity that many believe would be impossible in today's /mlp/, unless, perhaps "the price is right". The charity this year is not centered on Capper, as he is already long gone, but his zombie corpse can still be violated.

The challenge was laid down: If /mlp/ manages to raise MORE money for the charity this year than they did last year, CapperGeneral will "walk all around either Nightmare Nights or BABScon with every single one of his pockets stuffed full of spaghetti, to the point where it is literally floating out." and "wears a fedora whilst doing so, saying m'lady to every girl that walks by".

Zombie Capper accepted the challenge. So it has begun.

If you would like a chance to publicly humiliate Capper, donate here: http://vad.aidmatrix.org/vadxml.cfm?driveid=33689 The donations are tax deductable, and every dollar you donate equates to 3 meals worth of food for those in need.

Comments (4)

  1. Finally a charity worth getting behind. The masses of brony spaghetti must be released.

  2. Real men DO NOT ever wear fedoras. EVER.

  3. I desperately want to see this.

  4. Capper didn't deliver ;_;