MLP Anniversary Party - YOU'RE INVITED

It's an annual tradition on 4chan, this year, being the 3rd time it's been held on /mlp/. In less than 3 weeks, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic will be celebrating it's 4th anniversary of its launch in 2010. /mlp/ is extending an invitation for any and all pony fans to join them on that day, starting at midnight on Friday October 10th, for fun celebratory activities. It is one day out of the year the board likes to put aside their differences with other sites and enjoy pony together. People are invited to spread the word to make this the biggest anniversary party to date. Copypasta for the invitations is below.

Greetings, fellow Pony fans.

We have been sent here from /mlp/ to extend an invitation. An invitation for you and your site's membership, to join us for one day in celebration of the 4th Anniversary of the premier of My Little Pony Friendship is magic. It is one day annually that we put aside our differences and enjoy pony together.

The party begins at 12:00 Midnight EST on October 10th, 2014

We will have games, music, merchandise giveaways, story telling, special guests, a stream of every episode back-to-back, and much more.

We hope you will join us as we usher in the 5th year of fun.

See you then!

Some pics from last year's celebration: Below - Cards against humanity

Peter New inviting everyone to join in

Cytube stream of every episode back-to-back

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  1. There should be an official /mlp/ or hell, even /HN/, Xyzzyx room.

    I always miss the threads about those.

  2. Can't wait. Finally something to happen in the fandom that I didn't miss.

  3. i wanted it to happen on

    1. >>>

    2. Isn't 4chan still fucked from moot's moderation changes?

  4. My CAH selection made the front page! Now I've been featured on two horse sites!
    Time to celebrate with my Yamazaki!

  5. >not master race 8chan