Bronies 2: More damn videos

Okay, so several months ago, we reported how the Brony Doc was getting a Jackass 2.5 style sequel, in that they had so much extra footage they could make almost another entire film out of it. Well as it turns out, they've been releasing the footage for free periodically for the last few months.
We haven't been keeping up on it, but we've included all the videos below because you're lazy and so are we.

In it you can see more Faust, more Sethisto, pirates, fire, silk, and cake.

Also remember how mad everyone involved got about the piracy?
Well turns out you can watch the whole thing for free on youtube anyway.

Comments (7)

  1. Why do they have the interviewed people superimposed on a pitch black background? Dullness aside, the poor, blurry editing makes them look like they're being swallowed by the fucking Abyss.

  2. As someone who somewhat endured both Seth's Trixie and Dragon autism before he made EqD I still can't take EqD or look at him seriously because of all his Trixie autism.

  3. >John often draws "humanized" versions of ponies in anime art style

    He sure fucking does.

  4. Oh of course they had to make one with gays and specifically choose the gayest gays possible.

    1. It couldn't be the gayest gays possible because you're not in it.

  5. >Also remember how mad everyone involved got about the piracy?

    Hell, I remember being threatened with legal action over it. Cunts.

  6. Unless this features Johnny Knoxville dressing up as an old man and bothering construction workers, I'm not interested.