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  1. HBO should get the rights for MLP, then we'd have "Game of Ponies"!

  2. >SOON
    more like never
    fuck equestria furries 2

  3. Well, I pre-bought my tickets for tomorrow's premiere, so I get to be guaranteed a first hand view of the disappointment/death of the fandom. I doubt I'll hate it as much as everyone else, though. I actually kind of liked the first Equestria Girls, and I'm one of those people who refuses to judge a movie until I've seen it myself (unless that movie is Kazam).

    Best case scenario: It is a rock opera worthy of being on the same shelf as "Tommy" and "The Wall". Worst case scenario: It wastes my 10 bucks and is just really annoying. Besides, I only have to drive a half-hour to get to the theater now, instead of the hour it took me to see the first Equestria Girls.

    1. You have the right attitude, my friend.

    2. Thanks, Anon. I just got back from the film, and it is significantly better than the first movie. There were a few questionable plot holes, but at least it didn't have an under two-minute scene where Twilight is fired from the Formal then rehired. Also, despite Horse News's prophecies of doom, the songs weren't that bad. However, Dash was still a horrible Pony Person.

      I'd recommend seeing it. It's not "The Wall", but it's decent regardless. (Any movie that has Rarity dressed as a member of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band gets all of my money)

  4. > bronze
    Fuck's sake it's 2014 get with it people.