Horse-News releases waifu price calculator AKA your waifu is worth nothing

/mlp/ has had an issue since before it was even created, the never-ending debate about which pastel colored horse is better. We decided to end this by developing a tool in collaboration with the University of Niger that will calculate if your waifu is worthy of getting cummed inside.

The tool uses a new concept called WaifuRating that gives you a number based on how good your waifu is, the higher the better.

The most handsome man of /mlp/, CapperGeneral scored over 160 WFR, can your waifu score more? find out now!

Comments (5)

  1. Results: "Your waifu is 10/10, scored 165WFR"
    Why thank you

  2. Actually the higher the shitier it is ... Go lower.... If you know what I mean

  3. "Your waifu is shit, -205WFR."
    Excuse me I have important decisions to go make regarding my life choices.

  4. My waifu is mediocre! ;u; 130WFR.