Gallopagos Island celebrates 1 year anniversary

Last year, /mlp/ became the first board on 4chan to own their very own island. Dubbed "Gallopagos Island" it has stood independent for over 1 year this month, a mecca for nor/mlp/eople and a haven for horsefuckers. The "President" of Gallopagos island returned to /mlp/ with an update on the nation's progress.

"Sup everybody, it's me, the president of /mlp/'s very own micronation, Gallopagos Island. For all the newfriends who don't know, the nation of Gallopagos was established on an unnamed, unclaimed island in Lake Arrowhead, Vermont, in June of 2013. The Town of Milton, finding no claimant for the land and really seeing no use for it, allowed me to keep and maintain it for a mere pittance. Since then I have watched over and planned the improvement of our glorious horsefucker nation. While still technically incorporated into the US of A, no authority has yet challenged our claim to sovereignty and, as you'll read below, some authorities have even indirectly supported it.  
Some news: 
-A flag (designed by members of this board and made by yours truly) was planted on the island, where it flew proudly for about six months (summer-late winter 2013-14).
-Said flag was stolen by a bunch of hicks snowmobiling on the frozen lake last March. Said hicks ended up getting slapped with a minor fine for trespassing (since it is private land), but the flag was sadly lost, presumed destroyed.  
-Starting at the beginning of summer I launched Gallopagos' first agricultural and economic venture: a plot of strawberries covering the freshly-tilled lowlands. A few friends tended the crop while I went off to work for a summer camp, and I must say they are beautiful now. I plan to harvest them by the end of the week. Pics will be incoming in the coming days, and if anyone is interested in some fresh exports from the motherland that is an option as well.  
-We have a dock and a boat.  
-Winter is coming, and with it, the temporary shelters currently populating the island will be replaced by more permanent dwellings.  
-We are in the process of making our first arms acquisition; the goal is to make a coastal battery, possibly using carbide-propellant cannons or similar fare.  
-We are officially over 1 year old!  
Long live the motherland!"
The President himself has joined skype to organize citizens scattered across the globe, and has finally adopted a tripcode for informing the general public of future developments.

The Eyebrows are a positive match to previous updates.

It is clear that the homeland is a developing nation, but that progress is steady, having already established a seaport and a national crop. Plans have been in the works for months for much larger developments, including a Solar church and a home for horsefuckers. Smaller details such as form of government, laws, and other inconsequential things have been tabled for now.

In the meantime, we celebrate our National birthday weekend in true Gallopagosian style: by getting completely hammered and posting pastel ponies.

Long Live Gallopagos Island!

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