4chan leaks nude photos of "Larson", MLP fans disappointed

There were mixed reactions from My Little Pony fans the world over upon hearing that among the hundreds of celebrity nudes leaked from an iCloud vulnerability, the name "Larson" was one of them. 

Many were relieved to discover that the photos were not of FIM writer "Mitch" Larson, but actually belonged to famous actress "Brie" Larson (/mlp/ was less relieved, and more disappointed). It appears that My Little Pony was one of the few current-fandoms that were not ushered into turmoil by the largest celebrity nude leak in history.

Among those who were targeted by the iCloud "hack" were celebrities from such movies and shows as The Hunger Games, Glee, Spiderman, The Big Bang Theory, Scott Pilgrim, Warm Bodies, Disney Movies, Olympic Soccer, iCarly, Breaking Bad, Glee again, The Olympics again, Iron Man 2, Hannah Montana, Glee a third time, Zoey 101, Chuck, and the video game Mass Effect.

"I can't believe this!" said one outraged fan upon learning of the images which are being shared across the Internet. "Breaking Bad and the Big Bang Theory get nude leaks, and ponies don't have ANY? What is this world coming to?!"

"I guess this is what happens when shows aren't owned by Disney," noted one analyst. "The majority of the celebrities who have been posted for taking nudes of themselves are involved in Disney-related works. Being that Ponies are a Hasbro product, the talent must feel much less sexual pressure."

Despite the intrusion into these celebrities privacy, analysts believe that the overall effect of these leaks will be a net-positive for their careers, as many of the people who have learned of the photos' existence, cannot even identify the celebrities themselves, nor did they care until now.

"I mean, I will still seek out and fap to these pics, but I figured at least Tara would have had a single naughty leak by now," said the anon, opening a tab to /b/ in search of elusive imgur links. "It just doesn't seem fair that sports fans get all the good stuff."

Sources confirm that disappointed neckbeards have returned to searching for crude photoshops and drawing images of their waifus and husbandos, having given up the search for pony-related images among the deluge of iCloud leaks.

In other news, white knights and feminist groups have already condemned this article for making humor about this sexually-charged issue and are preparing strongly-worded tumblr posts about Horse-News' deplorable nature.

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