EQLA is returning

Like zombie Jesus, something we believed long-dead has come back to life. Equestria LA is returning...

Despite being declared dead in March According to Karen in the "Harmony Con" 26 hour stream, moments ago, EQLA has announced that they will "rise like a phoenix" sometime in the future. There are very few details. Venues, and dates are not even available yet. The "Knotts Berry Farm Hotel" was hinted as being a potential event location.

Residents of the SoCal area are asked to follow the SoCal brony meetup group for future updates about the situation.

Chelis has creamed his pants at the prospect.

Watch live video from TheHarmonyCon on www.twitch.tv

Comments (4)

  1. Does this mean we get a new song from Phileo?

  2. Oh good, guess that means socal tumblr twats like SteveHolt can finally be useful people to society again.

    BABScon superior.
    EQLA inferior.

  3. Please let this be the last one in California.

  4. Maybe the few retards I'd like to avoid at Babscon 2015 will go to this shit instead?

    To be honest, EQLA has always looked pretty run-down as fuck to me, but most cons held in Aneheim/LA that aren't like, AnimeExpo tend to be that way.