Anon meets Deaf Pony Jesus

Truly blessed is the anon who met Deaf Pony Jesus today, at an art supply store in Bergen County New Jersey. The total brossiah had a chance enounter with the nor/mlp/erson, who went forth to spread the good word across the board.

For those newfags who are unaware, "Deaf Pony Jesus" is the honorary title bestowed upon a man who came to /mlp/ in search of information in the earliest days of the board (over 2 years ago). The information he sought?

"What do the mane 6 sound like?"

As his moniker implies, this anon has been deaf his entire life, and therefore describing such a thing would seem nearly impossible. However, in what remains to be one of the most fascinating moments in the board's history, an anon came through.

By comparing, in elaborate detail, the vocal nuances of each of the characters, to well-known works of art, this anon was able to provide DPJ with a better sense of each of the characters' personalities as displayed through their voices.

The legend of "the deaf guy from /mlp/" grew 2 months later, when an anon happened upon him at a Subway restaurant in New Jersey, wearing a custom-made My Little Pony shirt made with paint. It was in that encounter that the artist was given his nickname of "Deaf Pony Jesus", having something to do with what a great experience it is to meet him, as well as what a total bro he is.

The following month DPJ returned to /mlp/ in search of links to properly closed-captioned episodes of MLP (ones that aren't computer generated). He was informed of his status as a thing of legend, and then was gone. A search through the archives show that he has not made a known-appearance since November of 2012, nearly 2 years ago.

The artist signed a quick autograph for the anon, which appears to read "M Kovacs", before disappearing once more. Oldfags rejoice, knowing that the cool ass dude is still around, and is clearly still making art. To DPJ, wherever you are, come back and visit us more often. We miss you.

Comments (6)

  1. Based Deaf Pony Jesus. Keep on keepin' on man.

  2. Does anyone happen to know what subtitles he used when he came back? I'd been doing captions for the deaf and hard of hearing until the end-ish of season 3. Maybe I should get back to doing those.

    1. Hey, I remember you! You should totally get back to doing those. Do it for Jesus... Deaf Pony Jesus.

  3. This has always made me cry for some reason.

  4. Maybe I should get back to reading those post. thanks

  5. Deaf Pony Jesus, we love you. You may cum in and on my waifu.