Bronies: The Musical: The Happening Edition

Some time ago, we were alerted to the existence of a musical about bronies that was in the works at the time. Today, the show, creatively dubbed "Bronies: The Musical," reached a very important milestone:

While not garnering anywhere near the success as, say, John de Lancie's $300,000 pirate adventure, the kickstarter for the musical has surpassed its goal with (at the time of this article) some time to spare.

Money from the Kickstarter, according to the text on the Kickstarter page, will go to producing a professional soundtrack, a large-scale production in Los Angeles (with stretch goals including shows in other locations), sets and costumes, a live band, hors d'oeurves, a travelling circus, a charity 3-on-3 basketball tournament, silent auction, a special performance during intermission by Riff Raff, and a god damn puppet show. Hey, we can't make all of these goals up, right?
You know what kind of puppet show...
The show, produced by Oddbird Theatricals, is set to open in Los Angeles, CA at a currently unspecified date. If you would like to donate to the musical (for the next few hours before the Kickstarter ends), you may do so here.

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  1. dat donate link tho

  2. Now let's get on that Pegasister Musical. Y'know, just to show everyone we're not just a boy's club. Girls can have fun, too.

    1. Liking girls? What are you, some kind of faggot?

  3. But will it be as good as the Carrie musical?

  4. >inb4 the musical gets C&D and all those that donated gets none of their money back