The Living Tombstone makes it to Entertainment Weekly, Tara Stong's wet tshirt, and other Tidbits too

Tonight on Tidbits we have pretty strange  bit of news, regarding #HorseFamous musician "The Living Tombstone". IT seems the man with the iconic chin grin has made it to an Entertainment Weekly article regarding the upcoming 552 episode Simpson's marathon. Instead of using a video of the actual clip being referenced in the article, they opted to include an edited version dubbed "I for one welcome our new Tombstone Overlords". It is hard to say if this is intentional or not.

More tidbits below.

Horse News readers get their own discount code for admission to Nightmare Nights Dallas in October; "IWTCIRD10". No seriously this works.

Catie has a new "Friendship is Recapped" available, this week is "Rarity Takes Manehattan". She seems pretty disappointed that they couldn't go to New York to shoot it.

Mitch "Coronate a bitch" Larson is killing Twilight - again - in the Season 5 premier. For real.

 Just kidding, he meant he's going to kill Worst pony.

Equestria Girls 2: The Search for More Money has ANOTHER sneak peek out (which they are for some ungodly reason referring to as the first sneak peek). Now we know what they sound like.

More importantly, we know now that they are clearly just the Kanker Sisters.

Tara "Dem Titties" Strong participated in the "Icebucket Challenge" for ALS. HN was ALSO challenged today, so expect further fun times tomorrow.

So yeah. Tidbits.

Larson did it too.

Comments (5)

  1. I feel the pain and sorrow from Larson's eyes.

  2. The blonde Kanker was the dumb(est) Kanker sister. DYEWTS?

  3. Catie's pretty good about censoring the f-bombs with a neighing sound effect, but she let at least 1 in...

    1. You mean the team of slave video editors?

  4. Mike Vogel, some Hasbro dude, also did that ice thing. Link's here if you want to see him suffer: