The cat's out of the bag - there ARE women on the internet

The single most closely kept secret on the internet has been exposed, by a website known as URLAI.
Despite everything you have heard or would assume about the internet and 4chan, there ARE in fact female users. And apparently, there are a lot of them.

The highly-sophisticated, unquestionably accurate robots at URLAI use a number of qualities to determine the gender and demographic makeup of a site's userbase. According to the site, nearly 60% of /mlp/'s users are Femanons.

Among those users, the majority are either underage b&, or older than sin.

The site also places gender values on frequently used words and phrases, and displays them in accordance to their frequency. It is 100% verifiable scientific fact that the words "cum" "biscuit" "can't" and especially "penis" are all feminine words. 

The analysis goes deeper, informing us that /mlp/ is the "710th most feminine and 972th most happy blog of 1545 ranked." The rankings and stats continue to shift as more websites are added to the rankings.

Curious of how other sites stack up, we decided to run an analysis on ourselves, to see if everything that people accuse us of is true from a scientific standpoint.

And it was just as we expected. Over half the staff is confirmed to be male, and we are the "508th" most "manly" blog in the rankings. Though shockingly, we were ALSO ranked as being the 532nd HAPPIEST.
Strange, some people claim that we are overwhelmingly negative about everything. Imagine that.
Let's look at some others.

Woah, somebody get the guys over at EFN some icecream...or some prozac. According to the analyzer, EFN's posts are overwhelmingly negative (they are even below HN on the happiness index). They also have far fewer feminine voices; EFN is the 329th most "manly" site, the inclusion of the "manliest brony" on the staff roster likely assists with that. Critical to EFN's highly-scientific gender-assignment are the keywords used.

As you can see by this graph, EFN's inherent manliness is derived from the use of the specifically masculine numbers found inside of a fortune cookie including 33, 34, 36, 37, 54, and 76, as well as the masculine noun "featherweight". These terms outweigh the feminine words "tuna", "purses", "cute", "tiara", and the number 125, all appearing on the site.

Interesting. (Again, these are at time of posting. The analyzer can and will continue to shift in relation to other sites as more data is added).

On the opposite side of the spectrum we have April Davis' site which was ranked as being the 5th most feminist site in the database. Quite a feat that has shocked exactly zero people.

Aaaand we can't show you stats for EQD, because Seth has something fucked up apparently.
Dammit Seth.

A cursory examination of the HN staff noticed a discrepancy between our believed gender-distribution, and the scientific data. HN and /mlp/ are far more feminine than previously believed, meaning only one thing: our staff have been lying about our genders to each other for months now.

At least half of the men on the staff are actually women, and we are on witchhunt to find out who's who. It is unclear how the women of /mlp/ will act, now that they know that they have actually been trolling each other for over 2 years into thinking they are all men.

Want to know where the stats are now, and learn more about others?

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  1. Who's what eh?

    Tell us how the new "show your reproductive organs or get out!" policy works out, and how you enforced it.

  2. This is blasphemy and madness and possibly a little bit of Sparta, and I don't believe or habeeb it, twinkie house.


    No wonder it's so fucking wrong.

  3. This thing raises so many questions, and I'm not sure whether answering them will actually improve my life or not.

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  5. Gender values are also assigned to commonly used words and phrases, which are then shown in order of frequency. It is 100% verified scientific truth best diesel generator company that the terms "cum," "biscuit," "can't," and especially "penis" are all feminine.