Nightmares For Sale

So Nightmare Nights is coming up, and they just had to remind us. So they sent us a press release that both crushed us and gave us hope simultaneously. They're throwing a "back to school" sale on admissions. So the bad news is, that Summer is coming to an end. The GOOD news, is that Summer is coming to an end.

That's right everyone, we will soon be rid of the Summerfaggotry once more. And not a moment too soon (the hiatus rolls on however). It's not like you were going outside to get a tan this summer anyway. Check out the press release below if you want.

It’s that time of year again; The hottest days are gone, and the excitement (or dread) of school rises as the first day of classes looms ever closer!

So while you're out buying your folders and gluesticks, don't forget to buy the most important school supply of all, a Membership to Nightmare Nights Dallas! And just like all the stores selling school supplies at this time of year, Nightmare Nights Dallas is offering you a sale of 10% off any of our memberships. Just enter code BTS10 at checkout from now until the end of August for your savings. But hurry, this sale is only for a limited time and our premium memberships are of limited supply. Come join us this October 24-26th for not only a celebration of the Mare in the Moon, but all things MLP and your chance at seeing and meeting Tabitha St. Germain, Britt McKillip, Amy Keating Rogers and more! Get your membership here!

New NMND Forum!
Thanks to our new friends at Poniverse, we now have a Nightmare Nights Dallas forum on Be sure to hit it up for not only all of our announcements and contests, but to get with your fellow bronies for room and ride shares.

Musician Spotlight: Shroo
We wanted to start a new trend where we highlight one of our Guest Musicians with every announcement. This time it’s Shroo. Both a digital artist and musician, Shroo got his start DJing when he was inspired to start mixing after drawing Vinyl Scratch. Shroo also produces music in addition to mixing popular pony and non-pony music. His favorite genres of music are Brum n Bass, Hardcore and Trap and mixes all of them in his live sets on PonyvilleFM. Be sure to catch Shroo at our EQuestria music concert at this years Nightmare Nights Dallas and hit up his Youtube, Soundcloud, and Twitter for all his latest mixes.

Vendor Spotlight: Ashley Nichols
Just like our Guest Musicians, we also want to spotlight one of our vendors. This time it’s Ashley Nichols. Ashley is a Bay Area artist who specializes in bright and colorful prints, buttons, keychains, belt buckles, hooded scarves, and animated gifs. Ashley is open for commissions of digital art at her DA, so be sure to hit her up to make your ideas come true! She is also one of the lead artists for Nightmare Nights Dallas and created the wonderful piece of art with this announcement. You can see all of her great art at where you can find links to her social media and a gallery full of special pieces.

Con attendee policy:
We recently updated our Con Attendee Code of Conduct for 2014. You can read it here.

Press Applications Open:
NMND is encouraging members of our fandom’s press and media to apply for press badges. A limited number are available so apply soon. See the application at our applications page here.

Nightmare Nights Dallas (NMND) is Texas’ biggest My Little Pony convention, and will be held on October 24-26, 2014 at the Crowne Plaza Addison in Addison, Texas. Contact with any questions! Join us on the web at

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  1. NightmareNights @NightmareNights · Aug 12
    Thus, we've discontinued the sale. We'll have others, but they won't make light of those struggling with real issues. Our apologies. 2/2
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    NightmareNights @NightmareNights · Aug 12
    In the wake of @BronyCon and @gala_con, we held a "Post-Con Depression Sale." This is no longer even a little bit funny, if it ever was. 1/2
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    1. So they realized something was in poor taste, then put out a different sale code with an announcement... and its somehow bad?

    2. I dont understand

  2. I'd go to Nightmare Nights if I weren't pretty certain it'd be a sequel to EFNW for me.

    1. I don't think it'll be that bad.

  3. Oh man, I studied Brum & Bass at the Ebindurgh School of Bercussion. I thought it was a dead art.

  4. One school year isn't really forever, though.