Burning Filly and Cookout (Or How I Learned This Meetup Was A Secret Plan For San Diego's Own Unicon)

Burning Filly and Cookout 
(Or How I Learned This Meetup Was A Secret Plan For San Diego's Own Unicon) 

Saturday the ninth of August. Chelis and myself (Rough Draft) attended a meetup that was shown as just a big bonfire and party, but to our surprise was actually a meetup to spread the word about a potential MLP convention in “America’s Finest City”.

"If we pretend to rave, maybe the staff will stop asking for donations."

After seeing how the event was handled and talking with some of the Event Staff, we’ve come to the conclusion that the chances of this convention happening can be summed up into three words. 

It. Isn’t. Happening.

Now I could just leave it at that but there but that would be very Brony of me to do, so fuck that I’m better than a Brony. Here are the two big reasons why this con is going to stay in the red and not happen. 

Reason 1 - This con doesn’t need to exist and anyone with a grasp of common sense and an idea of the number of cons that are out there would know this isn’t worth it. EQLA is trying to get back into the con game, and BABScon is already planned for April of 2015. Even if this San Diego Con was to take place sometime in 2016, there will be other cons in California and other parts near the west coast that’d pop up and attract others.

Reason 2 - The people who would attend this are mostly financial stable, I know it sounds weird and unbelievable, Bronies who have no problem traveling a bit to go to a con that has a following already established. Unless they have a plan to show something that no con is going to have for it’s first year then their demographic they want to reach is going to go elsewhere. Example being at Bronycon meeting someone from Belgium. I asked why they didn’t attend Galacon, it was because he wants to go to the one that seemed more active and attractive. So unless they can pretty up the SD con with some nice makeup all the others are gonna go lookin’ at the dames who are regulars at the bar.

Would a con in San Diego be nice for me considering I live in Southern California? No, because there are others that have a better understanding for how to run a con. It’s a sad truth but the honest truth. 

If the con does happen that’s cool for them, but I don’t think they’ll last long. One and done most likely.

Here you see San Diego MLP Convention Planning’s hopes and dreams up in flames.
At least they know how to pick a spot with a view.

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  1. Hey, I live on the west coast so I benefit from the myriad cons that wind up being held here, but I know that it's already a bit overkill. There's a lot of demand for a con in the southeast, someone go help those Florida dudes!

    1. Actually, Tampa is having a con this weekend called the Grand Galloping Gala.

    2. It is also a horrible convention, which I assume is why he's suggesting someone go help them.

      Last year was a disaster, between pissing off Bronycon, Galacon AND Hasbro with their name, dropping from a three day convention to a one day one night con, and then having zero guests. Just awful.

  2. ... was Chelis wearing his crusty #horsefamous T-shirt?

    Legit question, as I have money riding on this.

  3. Why can't they just hold an actual big cookout/bonfire thing like this instead? That sounds fun.

  4. So, which cons should stay and which cons should go? Both in the US and in general.

  5. Hey Rough Draft, I see your points and understand where you are coming from, but we aren't just a random group going blindly into the Con scene. We are taking this at a steady pace and making sure we take every necessary step to make this Con not only a reality, but be a success! Now, if you wish more information, you can get in touch with me or our head of Public Relations...don't want to post any links here, but let me know or check the description for the Filly Bonfire on SoCal Bronies and you will find a link to our group.

    Public Relations Committee Co-chair
    Board Director

    1. If you could email me at RoughDraftHN@gmail.com I would gladly like to talk about how to make this actually successful.

    2. Gladly, we are always looking for good advice, we will get in touch with you this weekend.

  6. Small conventions can be good.
    However, there are multiple major conventions in the same state, so that would pretty much be a disaster.

  7. >EQLA is trying to get back into the con game

    [source required]

  8. As someone from the Rockies, we'd like a con.

    Please? No? Well, no Rocky Mountain Oysters for you.

  9. These bitches were so wrong.