24-hour Horse News Livestream: Dosh4Vans

Most of the HN staff playing any vidya. Git gud team.

That's right faggots, there will be a Horse News 24 hour live stream, go below the break for more info!

Since the van fund isn't doing so hot, Horse News will be doing a 24-hour gaming stream on our brandy-new twitch channel to hopefully garner donations and support for the Sexy Action News automobile.

Why a van? Robbing banks, storing Flash Sentry's stolen waifus, and getting to conventions to start.

When will this extravaganza begin? 12pm EST on http://www.twitch.tv/horsenewsbroadcasts.

To be honest, most of the Horse News staff are fucking casuals who wouldn't know a proper game like Crusader Kings II or Viva PiƱata if it started fornicating with their nose, so please, give us suggestions on what to play.

Do it for the van, pls. Let us drive it into your hearts.

Comments (7)

  1. Twitch says your link doesn't exist. You can't even into vidya how sad

  2. First HN say's they don't endorse drugs, now they tell us there a bunch of casuals.
    The current staff aren't equipped to run this site anymore.

  3. >Dying to the bridge wyvern
    >Fucking casul faggots

    1. Sometimes you need that loot under his butt.

    2. Real men play Dark Souls with the broken sword hilt.

  4. Why do I keep following this website again?