Tidbits: Mojo Top 10, Andrew WK, Stan Lee, Mr. Bones, and sexiness.

Sometimes I disappear for 2 days and shit gets missed, because I'm not around to act like a slave-driver for the HN crew (just ask them, they have a litany of pictures for this). For times like this, we have "tidbits". A bunch of little shit that happens that is sort of important but not enough to warrant an entire article of HN attention.

Today's tidbits are below, and there is sexiness.

 Up top, WatchMojo.com has released another Top-10 list video, this time the subject being "Top-10 Kids' Shows That Adults Enjoy". My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic came in at Number 8 on their list. Mojo has over 4 Million Youtube Subscribers. Jesus.

Next up, the Mentally Advanced series is out with a new episode, #15 to be precise. They decided to release a Thrackerzod-centric episode on the Full-moon of Friday the 13th, so that's pretty good timing. Within the episode, Scootaloo makes a reference to a sex act that is too graphic to describe too ridiculous for people to think we're serious. So we're going to let Urban dictionary do it for us.

Ohhh yes. The degenerate spiral is strong in that one. Up next, our friend Catie double-teams doubles-up with herself to bring another episode of "Friendship is Recapped", this time reviewing Castle Mane-ia, written by that guy who was actually #based enough to give us an interview. This has some fun moments. Word is that they just broke 10K followers too.

Our friend SB64 showed us an interesting item for purchase in the Roller Coaster Tycoon 4: Mobile game. Whether this is new or not, we have no idea, but it is wonderful nonetheless.

Apparently, "Mr. Bones' Wild Ride" is now a named, buyable piece in the mobile game. The Ride never ends.

A couple conventions made some announcements. They would warrant posts if they gave us press releases. All you really need to know is that Big Jim is going to Baltimore, and EFNW, Bronycon, and Crystal Fair are all still doing shit.

PVL made it to a million homepage hits, so congrats to them.

Target is trying a new method to get rid of their old ponies now.
We received an email regarding a Kickstarter called "Ponyfinder: Griffons of Everglow Pathfinder Expansion". Some kind of fantasy RPG with ponies and griffons and all sorts of shit.

The funding is already nearly double the goal amount, so they are hardly in any real financial trouble to speak of, but the project points out how much better it can do with more shekels.
You can go check it out here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/224492525/ponyfinder-griffons-of-everglow.

The best part of the whole KP video is in its own video for you to watch

Andrew WK is still letting his pony-flag fly.

As-is Stan "The Man" Lee apparently.

They kinda went all-out on it, and we actually get to see footage of the "Bronies" musical that we reported on long ago.

And yeah, fuckit, that's all we got.

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  1. Unfuck the break Capper, where do you think you are, on EqD? Where's the #professionalism? Step it up.

  2. More posts like this please.

  3. I'm informed all over the place, sweet.

  4. Premiering at the Hollywood crin- err I mean "fringe" festival

  5. I miss when Pinkiepony was stirring up shit and no one couldn't be tempted to say something about it.

  6. I always knew it by the name "Alaskan Snow Dragon" but I can see Angry Dragon working too...