Tidbits: New Toys, New Cons, New Contests, and New Cringe

Tidbits have been rolling in throughout the week. So lets see what we've got. First up, Obsidian Winter has announced the forthcoming of a new convention. "Summer Skies Brony Celebration" will be coming to Nashville next year.

This years Pandering Pony for Comic Con will be the Maneiac. Both pony version and Equestria Girls version. So, if you are just loaded with cash, this is a thing you could own.

Michelle Creber and BlackGryph0n are close. Really close. A while back they started recording music together. They opted for a cover of a Michael Jackson song of all things. Yesterday, "AnimatedJames" released a PMV version of their cover. On the anniversary of Michael Jackson's death. Many regarded this as being in bad taste. In the video they put questionable-at-best pony art on the walls. So this is a thing.

I'm not embedding it here on principle. At one point Dusty's OC gets kicked and then collapses on the ground clutching his groin.

We've received multiple reports of there being a Rainbow Dash Transforming Assault Rifle in the new Michael Bay toy commercial Transformers movie. Nice Hasbro cross-promotion.

We anticipate bootlegs by this afternoon. We were sent a tweet for some old-news; that EQBeats.org is "out of development" and that the developers got off the ride back in April.

Our friend Anonthony over at MLPchan (some of you may know it as the emergency fallout shelter for /mlp/) is running a contest to win shit. The deadline for submissions is on Sunday. So get at it.

Also Fun Fact: MLPchan is now the second largest MLP Image Board

The Trekkies have challenged the Bronies to a drinking contest. If you wish to volunteer your liver to fight the Klingon threat, go voice your support here: https://www.facebook.com/babsconsf/posts/762571047096300

Russian Pony Storybooks are...strange.

Issue #20 of the My Little Pony IDW comics was released, to widely negative reviews by /mlp/.
Many anons found it cliche'd and insulting.

Now back to cheering for the USA in the World Kick and Run Bowl

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  1. >posting anything that came from Obsidian Winter's keyboard

    1. I could understand them posting about her con's OC if she had: funding, a venue, convention dates, the con's website live, core staff, and most of all a steady stream of personal income so this entire thing doesn't appear to be another fandom cash grab of her's.

  2. Oh hey, hiatus news that isn't just silly drama. Good work horse investigators, without you I'd be lost in an endless sea of tumblrshit.

  3. Darn, the new comic was looking pretty good, too. If Good King Sombra is now Evil King Sombra... Does that mean we can have some double evil selfcest? Please?

  4. So what you're saying is the new comic is Season 1 levels of poor quality and crappy delivery of morals?

    Huh... mistakes happen I guess.

  5. Anonmask - When wearing either pony merch or a Guy Fawkes mask alone doesn't make you look like a big enough faggot.

  6. Wow. That sucks to hear about the comic. I've really loved the current arc so far. Haven't read the latest issue yet, but I plan to. But then again, maybe it won't be so bad. I don't like the idea the morality is that simplistic in this 'verse either, but it takes a lot to ruin a story for me, so I guess I'll just see how it all goes.

    I also really want to see that assault rifle thing now.

  7. >World Kick and Run Bowl


  8. Haven't read the comic yet, but hasn't the whole good-and-evil-as-energy thing been a staple of the show since episode 1? They were based on moral qualities, but they still translated into friendship lasers that couldn't be beat or an unbreakable shield fueled by love. Is the comic's conflict really that different?

    This is a world where you can magic someone into liking you, and object, or each other. Not even the Genie could do that.