"Perfect Day for Fun": Now in a language we can understand.

That weird EG short that popped up yesterday has now showed up containing the one true language of Equestria.
Catch the vid after the break.

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  1. Animation was decent. Lyrics weren't that good.

  2. The song was pretty catchy, but the video was fucking painful to watch.

  3. yeah but did anyone else see Twilight's arm around Fluttershy at the very end

    you cant explain that

  4. How long can you keep beating the "we are different, but we are still friends" horse? I mean, the message is nice and all, but it's been repeated so many damn times that it's getting boring.

    1. Well, that's (part of) the central moral message of the show, the full thing is 'we are different, we are friends... and we can overcome our problems with knowing that fact', though to be fair the rest of the film might show the second bit, this just being the setup.

      The moral is kind of damaged in the first film because all it's showing is friends helping her to win a prom. I get what Meghan was trying to do, but it's not a good example as it's hardly important and what's more it's appealing to the cliched stuff they think little girls like, prom and so forth, that the show was supposed to avoid - while Meg's tried to balance the demand for corporate for prom plotlines with the message of friendship what do you think is really going to register more, or at least first? The friendship thing, or cliched prom type ideas? Which one is more saturated in our culture?

      Fair play to meghan for trying to sue it to speak to young girls about friendship lessons - but the fact is that it works with ponies because while little girls love ponies, soit draws them into friendship lessons if they're attached, the cliches that go with it aren't PART OF IT, they can be removed. Proof is the show itself. Prom stuff is so cliched that the only way to use it to talk about friendship lessons successfully would be to subvert it and poke fun and say it's not that great. I bet she would've tried that, but the execs may have said no. Which is funny because all the other shows like Monster High they try to compete with probably DO that - so little girls are more used to that, will identify with it more, and so this is probably bad even from a marketing angle!

      Either that or creative sabotage by herself.

      Anyway point is the way you can keep beating the horse is to find new and interesting ways to explain the moral, to demonstrate it. Which for whatever reason - executive overbearingness, delibareate lack of effort (which I doubt because meghan was talking about it on twitter as how great it was - if she was honest would require her tweets to be before the changes were made, if at all) or lack of time - she has failed to do so here.

  5. Okay, okay, I did like the other shorts, but this shit was hideous.
    And I'm totally not saying this only because of the presence of Brad and AppleDash.

    ...okay, maybe a bit.

  6. OTP Big Mac x Cheerilee @ :30

  7. when applejack said "did i just come in last?" i burst our laughing. Cause yano... applejack is.. like.. worst pony... (add beavis and butthead laugh here) hieheheheh huhuhuhuh.