Season 4 finale completely revealed. Read at your own risk.

A review site called "The Rock Father" was one of the many sites to receive a full copy of the season 4 finale. It looks like they put up an advanced review way before the actually airing of the finale.
Read it here if you dare, or before they take it down.

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"Twilight's Kingdom - Part 1"
Struggling to learn her place as a Princess, Twilight Sparkle begins in an identity crisis, noting that "Princess Luna raises the moon; Princess Celestia raises the sun; and Princess Cadence protects The Crystal Empire,"while she "just seems to smile and wave" with no real purpose. A musical number finds Princess Celestia proclaiming that Twilight's "destiny is uncertain," though all the Princesses agree that she'll "play her part" very soon.
It's Princess Celestia and Princess Luna that find themselves awakened by visions of Tirek's arrival, recalling that he and his brother SCORPAN had once set their sights on Equestria, aiming to steal all of it's magic. After Scorpan befriended a young unicorn wizard, he attempted to halt Tirek's plans, but had to inform the ponies, and Tirek was exiled and imprisoned, while Scorpan returned to his homeland.
Dropping in like MARY POPPINS, Dischord is called upon by the ponies to help track down the escaped Tirek, but putting their faith in Dischord is a grave mistake, as Tirek - who becomes not only stronger, but larger in size with each pony defeated - is a persuasive influence, who quickly convinces the weak-minded Dischord to switch sides. 
"Twilight's Kingdom - Part 2"
As Tirek continues to hunt down each pony to steal their magic, he eventually grows strong enough to steal the power of flight, and then goes after the Earth ponies as well. Even Dischord finds himself betrayed, as Tirek devours his magic and deems him "just as worthless" as his brother, Scorpan. Only expecting their to be three Princesses, Tirek desires to make their Alicorn magic his final conquest... but with Twilight Sparkle a wildcard, Celestia, Luna and Cadence give up their magic, bestowing it upon Twilight in hopes that Tirek will not find it. 
Evenly-matched, Tirek and Princess Twilight Sparkle face-off in battle, their powers bringing them to a draw. What hangs in the balance is the freedom of Twilight's friends, all of whom are now being held hostage in exchange for her magic... so she sacrifices her power, but that allows her the final key to opening a mysteriously-locked chest that she'd been trying to open. Held within, the rainbow power consumes Twilight and her inner circle, allowing them to defeat and imprison Tirek once more, while proving once and for all that "friendship is magic."
With evil stopped for now, Princess Twilight Sparkle is awarded her very own castle (which is built via magic, of course) and she deems it her duty "to spread the power of magic across Equestria" before being proclaimed...
Twilight Sparkle: The Princess of Friendship.
An exciting pair of episodes, my girls and I watched them twice. While there are some details that I've undoubtedly left out of my spoiler-filled recap, one thing is certain... fans of MY LITTLE PONY will be discussing these episodes for some time to come.
And Season 5? CONFIRMED!

Editors note: Starswirl the bearded confirmed. "Young wizard Unicorn"

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  1. At least the vore fetishists will be happy.

  2. I'd like to think that her friends are going to rule the kingdom with her. Unless you know Meghan plans on shafting them yet again.

    Also the Thrones. What's funny is that he didn't mention them at all. Which means there's some details he's keeping to himself.

  3. >Watches the episode
    >Spoils the whole fucking story
    >Doesn't leak the episode

    What a faggot.

  4. I read it, and you know what? I think I'll still enjoy it anyway.

  5. So Twilight gets rewarded with something else. Again.

    Remember when easy gains and the exuberant were mocked instead of glorified on the show?

    1. This is an infrequently expressed, yet one of the most important, critiques of what the show has become under McCarthy. Once upon a time, the show used the iconography of fairy tales and mythology to skewer the idea that real life would ever follow those tropes. (See: The Best Night Ever as the most direct example.) Nowadays, the show just blatantly plays them all straight. (See: A Canterlot Wedding and every mythology episode to come after.)

      The former is a very important message to send to kids inundated with princess imagery and unrealistic expectations about adulthood. The latter is a play-it-safe mess designed to keep Hasbro's wallet fat. It's really sad that the show lost the subversive edge that it started with.

    2. Oh, wow. I thought you Faustfags already hit the bottom.
      But so it seems that after all you are still capable of whining about literally everything.

    3. Much as I also hate Faustfags, I do think anon 2 has a point, if I'm being completely fair. I'm not going to proclaim "It's different and thus it is RUINED!" like so many others have (because even when literally sucking cocks I could never be that much of a tremendous faggot), but I'd be lying if I said I don't miss the edge of subversion that the show used to have to it.

      Although, I'd argue that A Canterlot Wedding was still way more subversive than anon 2 is giving it credit for. Okay, it was kind of "fairy tale" towards the end, but it was still an episode that was built up as being this typical girly fantasy scenario, and then had Celestia get her ass kicked while an entire city comes under siege from an army of shapeshifting bug monsters. I'd call that subversive. I mean, it was definitely the last thing I was ever expecting going into it.

    4. I'd say it's still very far from bein' a "fairy tale". In most fairy tales bein' a princess is about being cute, fragile, havin' parties, balls, charming princes and other bullshit, in MLP however you mostly see responsibility and duties of a leader. In fact, the only thing they have in common with the princess archetype is the title of a princess.

  6. And what of Discord?

  7. Princess of Magic - I knew it.