MLP Fanfic Places in the Top 6 List for Most Horrifying Sex Scenes in Fan Fiction

  Who actually reads Fan Fiction? Seriously? Anywho, the reputable news source "" has posted the list for the top six fan fictions with the most horrifying sex scenes. The MLP community was lucky enough to get one of their well written Fanfics on the list.
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The one in question "A Princess for a President" has Barrack Obama masturbating with a beer bottle, while Celestia gives him a blow job.

"One hand under his head, he slowly begins stroking his penis. (...) he takes the cold beer bottle and places it sideways under his balls, letting the cool condensation seep into his sack.
Still in his stupor, Barack let the unicorn to pleasure him with its mouth. His eyes rolled up into the sky, feeling the gentle sensation of the beast's soft lips rubbing against the skin of his cock, its saliva coating his shaft."

Later, to keep Obama alive, Celestia has to give him an antidote of horse semen by crapping it out of her ass.

"The elixir is transfigured from my excretion.
Celestia positions her rear end over him. She lifts her tail and squats with her hind legs. (...) Her body shakes, and slowly from her ass hole, a drip of creamy white liquid begins to stream out. It lands in Baracks mouth, and instantly he begins to savour the warm chocolaty taste."

For the complete top 6 list, read the article here

To read the horrifying fanfic of Barrack and Celestia, get it here

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  1. >6th place
    I am disappoint.

  2. I'd go read the full article, but last time I went on Cracked the site was covered in ads that slowed my computer to a crawl and may have given me a virus.
    Too bad, too. It used to be one of my favorite sites.

  3. If Cracked picked something more, I dunno, cracked (?), MLP would've gotten a higher rating. Celestia blowing Barack Obama and bottlefucking him is rather vanilla compared to some of the more fucked up stuff in fanfics.

  4. Cracked + anything MLP fandom related = clickbait heaven.

    Please don't give them tracking revenue.

  5. I always keep up with my hilariously terrible fanfiction, and I can definitely confirm that this is far from the weirdest or most horrifying sex scene to come out of this fandom. I mean, hey, at least this is apparently consensual and the scat doesn't resemble actual shit. And hey, another thing, both parties are alive in this fic. I mean, do Cracked really not consider necrophilia that disturbing? A quick skim of that article seems to suggest that they don't. Looks like most of the fics made the list for just being really weird crossovers or for their authors showing unusual dedication to their stupid premises.

    "Horrifying" is the wrong word for the list. If they wanted horrifying, what they dragged up is pretty damn tame compared to what I could find right now with a simple Google search.

    1. Go to bed, device heretic.

  6. No mention of Pinkie Pie Sucks A Hundred Dicks?

  7. Why is there life?