Lil Wayne confirmed for Season 5

In a move long anticipated by rap fans everywhere, "Rapper" Lil Wayne has come out of the Brony Closet and will be making a guest appearance on Friendship is Magic as Zecora's Cousin "Burchell". Burchell's character, like Zecora, also speaks in rhymes, but upon meeting Pinkie Pie, busts out into a full-on rap duet, sources tell us.

This image from an episode of Jimmy Kimmel was sent to us as a sort of a teaser for Dwayne Carter's involvement in a future episode, much in the same way Weird Al foreshadowed his own appearance in Season 4, however fans everywhere will be shocked to find that Meghan McCarthy herself teased this very episode last year, during her "April Fools" rampage.

The comment which went completely unnoticed due to the "Jeffersons" explanation, is in fact referencing Lil Wayne's nickname used by his fans "Weezy". Most episodes take around 2 years from start to finish in the production process, so the Lil Wayne cameo episode should be expected sometime in 2015.

 An insider source from Hasbro (his dad is Hasbro and confirmed this) tells us that the character is a huge hit among the ponies who are forced to wrestle with their taboo against inter-species romance, as Burchell "just makes dem pony panties wanna drop when he clops up on da spot". He also takes Spike under his wing and teaches him how to "pick up Ho's" ("Ho's" being short for "horses"). Spike is shocked to find out that he has been eating the very thing that he has needed the whole time; jewelry.
The rest of the episode remains a mystery.

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  1. This can only go well.

  2. Fuck Weezy. He doesn't even write his own music.

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  4. I look forward to Wheezy plinking away on his guitar like the alleged "rock god" thinks he is. *plink-a-plink-plink-plinkplink-plink-plooooooo* *hugs guitar like Spike hugs his Rarity plush*

  5. i lold a lot
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  6. I bet Twilight would look stunning with a grill, yo. Diamonds, muthafuckin' gold and shit, all the pimpin' Princess bling a mare bitch should have when crowned a goddamn immortal! SHE BE THE BEST OF THE BUNCH OF HORSES WITH MAGICAL POWERS! DON'T DENY IT!

    I want an Oreo.

  7. brb can't breathe

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