Hiatus Entertainment: Week 1 - A new CYOA with Octavia

No matter how outlandish we may seem at times, the Horse-News staff is always about embracing reality. And today we embrace the reality, that pony-entertainment, is going to be pretty tough to come by for quite some time. HN articles will likely be noticeably slower to come out, because, there just won't be as much to talk about. That being said, we are going to do our best to keep everyone entertained, by sharing something interesting once a week to participate in.

For week 1, we have the opportunity to get you in on the ground floor of something that looks like it will be an ongoing source of entertainment - an illustrated "Choose Your Own Adventure" in the form of a Tumblr called "Adventure of Octavia"

Find it at http://adventure-of-octavia.tumblr.com/

Having started only yesterday, there is very little known about the project, but they have been updating it rather frequently over the last 24 hours. Followers can send in suggestions as to what Octavia should do next and the illustrator proceeds to draw them out. So far, Octavia has only managed to climb to the top of a pile of rocks and realize she's in a huge vacant desert landscape.

There are several tumblrs and projects similar to this concept, but because it is brand new, it may be worth a look-see.

The Title description reads as follows;

[Welcome to the Adventure of Octavia!]
Octavia is lost in a strange, unknown parallel to Equestria; but not copy of Equestria, rather, an alternate one. In which things are similar, but at the same time, very different.
So what can you do?
    Your job as a follower is to tell Octavia what to do, instruct her, and     advise her on where to go and what to do. Simply send in an ask         with instructions of what to do, e.g “Scout out the land” or “Climb         over that Hill”. Eventually you will help guide Octavia back to her         own world!
The adventure begins with Octavia on top of a hill, so go ahead! what should she do first?  You have begun the Adventure of Octavia!Let the journey begin….

If you find anything you deem to be new entertaining and wish to share it with your fellow horse fans, feel free to send it our way. horsenewsmlp@gmail.com

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