Hiatus Comes

Bronies around the world confused as to what to spend time on.

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Hiatus soon fellow brownie. When? NOW!

As the fourth season of My Little Pony begins to wrap up this weekend with the episode before the two part finale, many fans of the show prepare to face the coming hiatus of episodes. Most, despite the lack of new official show content, are keeping up in spirit with an assortment of activities relating to the pastel ponies we all adore.

The official HNN poll, released this Friday, shows that almost 50% of readers will still be engaging in pony related activities this summer.

Some of the more popular activities in the fandom, such as masturbating to viewing fan art scored the highest among fans. Drawing ponies came in at a distant second, as expected because looking at porn enjoying content is much easier than creating it.

Other than enjoying ponies, many readers will be experiencing existential crises, all to varying degrees. At least 1 out of 5 readers will find themselves crying in bed to the point of exhaustion at their apparent lack of purpose in life due to the cessation of official pony content.

Horse News Analysts expect the sales of tissues, lube, and dakimakuras to skyrocket this quarter.

Getting a job and moving out of the basement appeared fairly low on the list. Bronies seem to be content with their current living conditions, surrounded by used socks and sticky merchandise. Despite this, convention season looks stronger than ever with babscon pulling amazing numbers, and other cons expecting the same.

Bronies are known for the annual summer convention exodus out of their natural, subterranean environments. Currently Nightmare Nights is starting pre-reg, and Bronycon is expecting up to 15000 guests this coming August, according to an anonymous source. Rooms at the connecting Hilton have even been booked solid for that weekend as well.
Get a list of all post-season 4 horse things here and stay tuned for complete hiatus coverage
Other than conventions, fans can expect to be tided over with the second installment of Equestria Girls, with a speculated release for this may.

"[Rainbow Rocks] can't come soon enough. I'm going mad at the thought of no pony for an entire summer. I CANT WAIT UNTIL FALL!" commented one reader on the stress of the impending pony free summer.

This hiatus comes unique, as it is the first since season 1 to have no sign of the rides end anytime soon. Some analysts predict the end of the ride to not come for at least five years, with some predictions reaching into the dozens of years.

Only time will tell what is in store for Hiatus 2014...

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  1. You wanna talk hiatus? Go onto EFN's update feed and see how many instances of the word "hiatus" you can find. It's a fun drinking game!

    1. I see one instance of the word "hiatus". http://everfree.net/news/efn-updates/

  2. Probably disconnect myself from all pony news until the next season. I can't abide by anything EqG related and its release, so I will just stop looking at it. Plus, it'll make it easier to get off the ride when Hasbro runs everything into the ground.