Club Luna returns to Southern California!

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Club Luna returns to the Southern California area for a second straight year!

Details after the break!

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When Equestria LA closed its doors earlier this year, The bronies of Southern California were not completely at a loss when it came to major events. Sure, They lost their only convention that dealt with more rules and "no fun allowed" mentality than the theme park across the street, but in it's place was the smaller and more anticipated one night concert/rave.

Club Luna started as a idea from DJ Garnika, who is one of the rising stars in the brony musician scene. At first, it was a replacement to a similar event called "The Grand Galloping Gala" that was put on by the admins of The SoCal Bronies Meetup Group. Unfortunately, A few special snowflakes in the group cried crocodile tears and forced the name change to the one today

Eat the spaghetti whenever you regretti
    Last year's Club Luna was a smashing success, and because of it: Club Luna will be returning with some familiar faces and some new ones performing like:





Rhyme Flow


Headlining Club Luna are:

DJ Garnika

Odyssey "Only known for that one song" Eurobeat

The event will take place June 13th at the music hall, where the same location last year made 25% of the audience late due to the confusion on how to get there. It starts at 7 pm and spaghetti's all the way until midnight. 

(Yo Garnika, I get in for free if I do this right?)

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