Brony Aerospace and Interview with CEO Trennick Walker

At some point did you think this ride was going to end? Now it never will! Thanks to the efforts of Brony Aerospace the ride will soar on in to infinity and beyond. We even got to sit down to talk with head of the project Trennick Walker (aka Alistair Apogee) and learned what we can expect from a fandom that's gotten so out of hand that it's gotten it's very own space agency.

the man himself
After extensive emailing that took nearly an hour, we got in to contact with Mr. Walker, a Canadian with a dream. A dream of shooting shit in to space and watching small colorful equines. Gaining some traction recently, we decided to invest our time in what will truly be the future of the fandom and space travel in general. Horse News has given our official endorsement to the project in exchange for giant Horse News logos painted on their cardboard bottle rockets and jet packs made of plastic tubing high performance rockets and innovative technology, and then we sat down to discuss this crazy Space Program. 


Horse News
BASA CEO Trennick Walker

How did this whole idea start and is this even serious?
Well when I got into the brony fandom more and went to my first local brony meeting and was asked "So what do you do? Are you like an artist or do you just like the show?" I didn't do anything but I told him that I was into rocket science and space and stuff and he was like " DUDE! YOU SHOULD DO A SONIC RAINBOOM IRL OR SEND PONIES TO SPACE!" And I asked people if they where interested and the answer was always a resounding YES! so it kinda went from there and since we opened in 2012 and incorporated in 2013 we have grown to a few hundred thousand in funding (and more every month) and over 35 members with a number of full time staff who earn their living doing this.

We are a serious aerospace company but we are doing it in the name of the show that brought us together and inspired us. And without this fandom we would have never got to where whe [sic] are now

I will need a spell check, you kinda caught me after I started drinking this evening lol

What exactly is your goal? What's to accomplish?
Well we will go as far as we can. Right now its to send a capsule of MLP stuff and eventually a person to space but if we can we will get people to the moon and so on.

Do you like space? Because I want to be the first astronaut to explore Uranus.
Oh my >.> well I'm the asstronaut here I better take charge and explore YOUranus

Are you planning on sending Horse Famous people in to space? Because we have a list of people we'd love to see shot in to a large dark vacuum.
Um horse famous yes possibly but we will also possibly sending certain famous people (non brony) into a special mission to the sun.

Who might these people be because seriously, I have the list right here
lol I don't know I heard lady gaga wanted a trip to space. Maybe we wouldn't mind. But hey we don't really want them up here either

How many actual scientists who specialize in this field do you have on board at this time? I was under the impression it takes a lot of people to run a space agency.
Well we have about 5 Qualified machinists and tradesmen, 6 or so electronics personel [sic], about 4 engineers and physisits [sic].

minus myself and a few others

So, what, 20 people or so for a Space Agency?
Um people with special training yes, but keep in mind that the number of untrainned [sic] and unofficially qualified persons makes it much more so.

Personally I can say that the a degree doesn't mean all that much and our best thinkers are often those without a piece of paper

Ah okay, gotcha. Well where the hell are you even getting funding for any of this? Is Hasbro writing you fat checks?
We play a game of "not touching you" with hasbro's IP

For funding we are completely funded by our amazing fandom and by a cryptocurrency mining operation in Canada (donnated [sic] to us by bronies)

The fandom is funding you really? How?
The fandom is actually really interested in this and the members that give to us often give quite a bit

So mom and dad basically?

Nevermind. Will you be the first Canadian space program or does your country throwing stuff at the sky count?
We have an official space program and Canada is actually the third country into space. We have a proud heritage of aerospace engineering but we will be one of the only ones building launch vehicles

Oh I see. If you make it to the moon, what's your goal? What experiments are you planning? More importantly, who gets first dibs on Luna?
Luna will be hugged and we will be conducting evaluations on the habitability of the moon and steps will be taken to start a long term colony. The astronaut selected will complete the Luna snuggling procedure, as per specified by our PRO's manual sub section six

Does it bother you at all that NASA employs about 18,000 people (not even counting contractors) and they can't even send anyone in to space, yet you only have around twenty or thirty?
NASA apparently prefers to make video games over rockets. Suffice to say that NASA is a government oganisation [sic]. Does congress ever get anything done? We are a company and our soul focus is rockets. We have no red tape and no political problems

Do you already have some technology ready and if so, does any of it actually work?
Yes all our tech works and some of it has proven to be better than anything else out there.

Our HYDRA engine although still being beta tested is turning out to be the most efficent chemical engine ever flown

Do you have proof to back any of that up?
Yes although the HYDRA project is classified. We cannot release any technical details, but stay posted and we will prepare an official press release soon enough

So you have proof? Where can it be actually seen?
Again we have all our testing of the HYDRA engine on internal papers. I cannot show you anything related to it. (We can't exactly go around telling people how to make this thing) Suffice to say we stabalized [sic] fluorine gas in such a way that it is reactive only to our fuel, but we have non-classified examples of our tech like the jetpack or the D-1 engine used in the RB-1.5 rocket that you can have a look at.

Have you thought of using the magic of friendship as the fuel source? Or rather a pasta alternative fuel?
We have a spaghetti fuel source in our emergency escape units. We load it into our fanny packs in case of emergency.

Such as female contact.

When can we expect the first manned mission to Equestria?
As soon as we can get to the moon and use the portal there

Other than space stuff and lasers, does BASA have other projects?
Yes actually We have a large number of fandom related contributions and charities.Right now we are looking at getting a partner con and funding it. We also have regular contests

For instance a music contest I heard?
Yes, we are looking for a theme song and we decided to make it a contest. We are giving a thousand dollars to the musician who makes us the coolest theme song (website has details).

Final Question here then you can go fall asleep looking at the sky with your Twilight plushie. Is it safe to say you've watched too much Cosmos with Neil DeGrasse Tyson?
No you can never watch to much Cosmos. But I really liked it with Carl Sagan That guy was a real OG.

Indeed. He even beat his wife like one. Well have a good night!


Well there you have it, straight from BASA's head of procedures. Will this actually work? Is Sam the trash man pulling another ploy? Do any of you actually care?

To quote the greatest authors of our time, "No."

Horse News is not responsible for any loss of oxygen or life in the vacuum of space. Unless BASA shoots April in to space in which case that was totally us, so we get the film rights.

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