There and Back Again: A Babscon Tale (Part II) - The /mlp/arty

And so continues the tale of the anons, and the namefags, who carved a deep crevasse of autism across BABScon. Brilliantly.
("There and Back Again" is an epic, multi-part article series posting this week to recap BABScon from this past weekend. Tune in every day this week for a new installment.) 

 The evening began on a rather interesting note: We heard at sundown that Final Draft had had his BABScon press pass revoked. The reason for this, we were told, was that Draft had been violating con policies. After dropping the news onto the site, we moved on to more important matter: A party.

The /mlp/arty was months in planning. We had to go out and get lots of booze. Then, we had to drink lots of booze. The logistics of it were simply horrendous. That being said, we had the booze and we enjoyed it. The party was attended by both the horse-famous and the horse-infamous.
Pictured: Horse-infamous.
The party was, in fact, so wild that BABScon security shut it down for a short while before allowing it to restart. And restart it did! Dozens and dozens of horsefuckers from all over the world were there. Attendees included Silver Eagle and We Are Borg from Ponyville Live, Chef Sandy and Apple Cider from Bronyville, Sethisto and Calpain from Equestria Daily, the duo known as Sherclop Pones, Boxxy, some musicians, and one 13" rubber stallion cock (which one HN writer had his bare-ass spanked with by a dominatrix in a changeling costume). ALSO A SHIT-TON OF OTHER PEOPLE.

The night was amazing, and the words I scribe upon this page cannot ever suffice to relay the true description of that night, and how simply, purely amazing it was.

And of course, as all things internet-cancerous do, it ended in a selfie.

Comments (12)

  1. >/mlp/ party is full of fans
    >Dusty's party is VIP EXCLUSIVE CLUB
    I can bet who was really having more fun

  2. That sounds so awesome.

  3. 10/10 would party with again.
    That was an amazing fucking night.

    I'll never forget the look on Capper's face when he got the call that Draft was getting kicked out of Babscon. The face of pure joy.

  4. The party was fucking amazing. I got more shitfaced than I ever did.

    Fuck the cunts who got it shut down in the first place, though.

  5. This sounds like it was fucking awesome, wish I'd been able to go.

  6. > one 13" rubber stallion cock (which one HN writer had his bare-ass spanked with by a dominatrix in a changeling costume).
    I hate myself for not being there

  7. Still pissed that I missed Purple Tinker. I went back around 2-ish because I heard she was there, but it was dead by then, idk if this was the temporary shut-down OP referred to. I know that [HORSE CELEBRITY X] shut down his party around the same time so he could get a private 4/20 smoke session in near the party where they mixed drinks with Dry Ice (aka the only party with FOOD). The Aerospace Brony party for the musicians (REAL absinthe from outside the country, w00t) went well until sunrise. Furry Con party shut down first like the pusses they are.

    lol @ me just walking in with no I.D check, getting the /mlp/ bouncers in trouble when this was finally discovered like 20 minutes later. whoops!

    Bartender was fucking hilarious. Good selection of liquor too. No bottom shelf bullshit.

    My gf was at DustyKatt's VIP thing, she said Peter New was drunk off his ass but none of the other VAs were there, just a bunch of show writers. Some random background pony tried to crash it by following her in and Dusty slammed the door in his face. Lulz.

    Personally, I was glad that none of the drunk white people ripped their shirts off and started sweaty arm wrestling on some homoerotic fantasy shit like they did Friday night. Dave Chappelle was right about ya'll lol....

  8. But what happened at the gay orgy?

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