There and Back Again: A BABScon tale (Part I)

It is with a quivering hand that I scribe these words, but they are quivers of exhaustion from a weekend well-spent. I shall tell you a tale: a tale of a con in the far-off land of San Francisco.

("There and Back Again" is an epic, multi-part article series posting this week to recap BABScon from this past weekend. Tune in every day this week for a new installment.)

BABScon was attended by many anons, Horse News writers, and horsefuckers of all kinds. Among these, were the following:
Capper General, who is Horse Famous,
PonyToast, who is not,
Based Anon, who is pretty,
Carl Pilkerton, who is not,
Super Kami Guru, who is sneaky,
Mushrooshi, who is not,
Tornado, who is hairy,
Fran, who is not,
Flash Sentry, who is skinny,
and Chelis, who is not...

...and many more.

We had our glorious "Tracy Cage Charity TRAINN" to raise money for rape and incest victims; asking for "whatever you want to pay for it" seemed like a silly idea, but we actually raised over $900 this way, selling out of 3/4 of our items in a few hours, including the ever-popular "Horse Famous" shirt and our exceptionally ironic "This is not an appropriate venue" shirt.

After a day of running about and seeing panels, the assembled faggotry made their own panel: Information Without Text Creates Interesting Random Dialogue.Featuring Capper, Boxxy, Toast and many anons, it was an hour of shitposting irl.

Capper gave everyone the option of discussing topics of /mlp/. people decided to instead shitpost over and over. It was glorious. Link below.

Comments (8)

  1. That panel was aids, but it was OUR aids.

  2. That was the most autistic and cringe inducing video ive ever seen in my life, I'm wasting my time I have a clopfic to write

  3. *sighs* an /mlp/ panel from fucking 4chan in an mlp convention? Do rules 1 and 2 mean nothing to you idiots anymore?

    1. That's for /b/, not /mlp/.

  4. Don't lose your way

  5. I was cringing almost as hard as I was laughing

    1. I think thats called clenching

  6. I enjoyed that panel much more than the last episode.

    Damn it.