The Best RPG You Will Ever See. EVER.

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The comedy writes itself on THIS one.

The place where people ask for money for new fan projects. One of these new projects is truly incredible: The Pony Wars

The Pony Wars Role Playing Game is a brand-new tabletop RPG that will inexplicably take $3000 to create. The story pits regular ponies against the tag team of dark pony and goblin pony armies. It features characters with names and backstories that took a whole 30 seconds to create, such as Lord Wraith, leader of the Empire. The art for this game, painstakingly made in Pony Creator, features many unique colorblind designs of ponies all in the exact same pose. The funding for this game is to hire a better artist, by which they mean any artist.

The Pony Wars is the brainchild of one Kris King. He claims he made it for a friend's son, because that sounds better than saying he just wanted to make up shitty fantasy stories for his MLP brushables. The game will be for all ages, and Kris brags that it will get kids away from video games and Facebook, because playing D&D with ponies is so much more socially acceptable.

The end result of this Kickstarter will be a completed core rules and character book. Fans of this game who donate at least $15 will receive a complimentary PDF copy, because actual printed versions will not be available at all. Those who donate less than $15 will have the knowledge that they were a part of making The Pony Wars Role Playing Game happen.

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  2. $3000? Haha, no. Get a copy of the Savage Worlds rulebook and start from there.

  3. At least it's not a scam. ....right?

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