#Brozen takes off...apparently

Not long ago, Horse-News wrote a short piece about the "Brozen" fandom, (Male fans of Disney's Frozen) of which we were tipped off by a single photo of an article from some college newspaper. We never did discover what paper that was from, but then again, we didn't look too hard at all.
But since then, according to the Horse-News tip-line, things...have really taken off for Brozen.

We received an email that read as follows, came from a guy named "Passing Breeze".

14,000+ Internet Denizens Completely Missed The Joke
Do I look like an article writer? Okay...the "Brozen" thing you started generated nearly 14,000 butthurt reblogs on tumblr and the tag is taking
off. Congratulations!

Now we will not pretend to know....anything...really about Tumblr, but 14 thousand sounds like a lot.
So we clicked the link, which was only a few days old.

And it is slightly more than 14 thousand...

Well I mean it must be an isolated thing right, nobody else has really posted about it-

-well fuck.
I wonder who their source is?

Oh. Well it can't be that widespread, its not like people are using that hashta-


Well to all the #brozen out there, keep on doing what you're doing. Some people STILL think that bronies are a practical joke too.

Comments (15)

  1. ............................ In the words of the Rob Arnie and Dawn show........."DUMB!"

  2. I sense an unfortunate turf war approaching.... *sob*

  3. So shall we estimate how long this will last?

    1. It won't last long. Because........DUMB!

    2. top fucking kek, he says this on a my little pony news website.

  4. My sides have left the solar system.

  5. So....how many shitty Frozen sequels will spawn because of this? Will there be a Brozen convention in Las Vegas that turns out to be a scam worth 20k? Will 4chan get a containment board named /brzn/? Will /co/ be butthurt about this?

    I hope none of these happen, outside of the last one.

  6. >people taking this seriously
    >tumblr getting anally annihilated
    >cappergeneral trolling the frozen subreddit with these posts

    top shelf lel

  7. this is beautiful

  8. -_- Brozen is not a thing. its one movie and thats all.
    and hell no Brozen and Bronies are NOT the same.

    1. Check out this Brozen in denial.

  9. Brozen? What a bunch of faggots. Why would a grown man watch a movie for little girls!?

  10. This is amazing. Oh, Tumblr.