School of Rock 2: Now with less Jack Black, and even less hope

Remember that movie "School of Rock", the PG version of Tenacious D that was full of drug references and subtle molestation jokes? We wish we could say that's what this movie was going to be, based on one of the chapter titles, but alas, we cannot.
Yesterday, the first chapter preview of the Rainbow Cocks Rocks 2 novel was released on itunes. Almost instantly Electric Scootaloo was relegated to the shit-can. Luckily the HIDF was on-hand for damage control. Lets take a look at the failure unfolding before our very eyes.

Here's one of the pages we stole from somebody else even though it's free to view.

>giddy up

>spinning disks
>Brad is back and Twilight calls him "handsome"
>DJ-Pon3 doesn't get a real name

>all that everything
It's like a trainwreck happening right in front of you.
You can't stop it but you can't look away.
The chapter titles don't inspire any confidence either.

At least in Chapter 15 we get a Tenacious D cameo right? Oh who are we kidding. This is going South quick. The shitstorm began to churn almost immediately.The Hasbro employees were quick to put out some reassuring messages, that only served to feel like maximum damage control. One of the Equestria Girls art staff was the first to jump in to plug the leak in the sinking ship of EQG2.

Later in the evening, historically #based Vice President of Hasbro Mike Vogel jumped in, with a piece of news, that the novelization is supposedly a PREQUEL to Equestria Girls 2, as are the "animated shorts" that are being released. The legitimacy of this is yet to be seen, as the book seems to cover the same territory as what is known of the film.

Many fans were unconvinced, and began planning their last resorts to get off the ride.

Then. This happened.

Check your mouth

Reminder: We still have to live through Equestria Girls 3.

Comments (7)

  1. I swear to god if that pink horse pulls a rap out I would rather shove a cactus up my ass than stay on this ride.

  2. Oh, this is going to be fucking rich.

    I'm gonna enjoy this ride.

  3. Beyond depressing.
    I just can't believe bronies keep defending and praising this garbage.

  4. I love how they keep demanding more chances and a special attention to swallow this piece of shit and at the same time they defend the writers by claiming they owe us nothing.

    They owe us nothing but at the same time they take the fandom's support for granted and demand us to disconnect our brains so we could have a batter chance to enjoy this nightmare?
    That's why the word "Hasdrone" still exists.

  5. 5 more years of pony! That's a movie every year! Get hype everyone!!!1 :D

    1. Yeah!
      5 more years, 5 more Equestria Girls movies!
      That's what we always wanted! Right, guys?

  6. Waifu crushing moment right here, and I thought this would end with brad returning to steal all the waifus. Well it's been fun guys.