Horse News announces "Horsefucking Simulator"

Yes, that's it, after 9 years development, horse-news is proud to present you: Horsefucking Simulator, the most realistic horse fucking experience ever made.

The Game is powered by the fabulous Source Engine, and has support for the oculus rift and project morpheus.

We have plans to release it for the Playstation 4, SteamOS, Linux, Windows, Mac, GameBoy Advance, WiiU, Xbox Juan and OUYA.

As far as the gameplay goes, we have Ken Levine, Hideo Kojima, Peter Molyneux, the people that do the vacuum sound in Gran Turismo 5, David S. Goyer, John Carmack, Gabe Newell, we want to make full use of oculus rift, this is a pretty ambitious project, we want to translate the player to another reality, and we also want if possible to focus the business model from another point of view we'd like to be remember in a really great way.

So, to the game itself, the gameplay is quite simple, before every game you choose four abilities, the first three are acessible from the Q,W,E buttons and allow you to perform incredible stuff like getting a blowjob from your horse, making her tranform into a futa and rape you, spawn a bunch of mares and make a massive orgy, and a bunch of passives like massive orgasm enhancer, and in the R button you hold your ULTIMATE, wich can vary depending on how you want to end, you can do massive anal destruction to the point she bleeds, you can cum inside (rainbow dash has a passive so you can't cum inside her), you can leave her in the middle of the action after you cum to make her feel the need to have sex again so she comes to you, and a bunch of other stuff we aren't going to reveal.

Here you can find some screenshots of the game:

We also prepared a gameplay trailer of the game.

If you are interested in the project, consider backing us on kickstarter, here are some of the rewards:
Here you can back us:

MaydeEdits - Animation
Slashy - Sex director
Me - Programming
Hideo Kojima - Story Director
Ken Levine - Story Director
John Carmack - Programming

Comments (10)

  1. >Slashy
    >Sex director

    1. Because ultravirgins who have hatecrushes on mediocre voice actors are totally experts on the pleasures of sexual intercourse.

    2. I can confirm this game has brazzers levels.

  2. I think some of those Oculus Rift screenshots are backwards. Left on right side and right on left side. My eyes are complaining, but the video looks okay.

  3. 10/10 will donate 7,500 shekels to the kickstarter for the SEQUEL to this game, so it could be made, and so I could get the Extra Dopamine Expansion Pack for both Horsefucking Simulator I and II.

    Fuck the haters. The creators of this game deserve to be showered with affection, dragon dildos, offers to give intentionally-bogus university-commencement speeches, and ofcourse, with gourmet raisins.

  4. Why is there a toilet on the outside of that wall.


    Only godless souls would ask people to take shits while facing into a giant empty room with only a few bunched-up barrels to slightly hinder the eyes of onlookers from their primal act of defecating.

    And then you have the toiletries on the other side of the wall, an ANARCHIST runs this establishment.

    I do like the color choice for the walls though, and the lighting setup accentuates it very well.

    I don't know how wide that hallway is on the right but it's looks SUPER uncomfortable and I'm wondering if it might even fail building code.

    2/10 would not play there's a toilet on the outside of that wall.

    1. It's not a toilet, it's for you to do the missionary pose with a horse, and once you cum let it all fall into it, so it's cleaner.

      We could call it sex enhancer mk2

  5. >we'd like to be remember in a really great way
    >be remember

  6. i need it...