What the hell is "DrawnCon"? We have no idea but they sure tore us a new one

Pictured: a list of things she wants.

We have been posting a lot about BABScon lately. Why? Few simple reasons;
1) they're first on the list of cons that are happening this year
2) Horse-News is actually getting press releases from them (big hint other cons)
3) Shit is goin down son
But that doesn't change the fact, that yes we have in fact been largely ignoring other conventions.
For instance: DrawnCon. What is Drawncon? Fuck if we know, but they sent us a letter pleading their case.
Provided below is the whole email, unedited.
Basically; I'm just going to leave this here:

Horse News, you've been talking a lot about BABScon lately, which is probably a pretty sweet con if you live on the west coast and want to meet literally every person who's worked on the show, or whoever the hell they've got as guests now.

But come on. There's other cons out there. You say you want press releases from these cons? Then fine, we'll give you a fucking press release.
Announcing DrawnCon Season 2, an awesome New England western animation convention! (For those of you who don't like big words, that means "con about cartoons near Boston".) The con will be at the Westford Regency in Westford, Massachusetts, on November 15-16, 2014.
But enough with the boring shit. What makes DrawnCon the con you want to go to? Simple.
1. We've got ponies and more. While all those other cons might be lucky to have like one vendor who sells Teen Titans characters drawn as ponies, we've got ALL THE CARTOONS. Want to talk about Gravity Falls instead of My Little Pony? Do it! We won't judge! We'll even join you! 
2. This is DrawnCon's second year. That means we've done this before and FUCKING SUCCEEDED. Last year, we had guests like Jessica DiCicco (that chick who plays Flame Princess on Adventure Time) and Bob Flynn (the dude who draws Catbug). We've got a staff who knows how to make our guests happy and make the experience as awesome as possible for everyone attending. Anyone coming to DrawnCon is gonna get their money's worth and more.  
3. We've got all that typical con shit that you know and love! Panels! People selling shit! Costume contest! Other events! Guests!  
4. This is the first con of its kind. Why the hell does anime get a shit ton of conventions donated to it and good ol' Amurrican cartoons get nothing? If you don't support DrawnCon, well then maybe you're just downright unpatriotic. Or not American in the first place. 
5. Our staff is the best. I mean, come on, we read Horse News, and I wrote this fucking press release! What more could you ask? For us to be socially well-adjusted people who can handle a large group of crazy fans? Well guess what, bitches? WE ARE. Some of our staffers don't even own a fedora! 
So if you want to go to a con that's pretty much guaranteed not to be crap, run by people who've got their shit together, and get a hell of a lot out of the experience, visit drawncon.com right fucking now. Buy your ticket or apply to be a vendor if your two Tumblr followers think your sketches are like, totes amazeballs. Just get to Westford this November, and DrawnCon Season 2 is gonna fucking blow your mind.
Sincerely some Dudebro.

So there you have it.
In other news: BABScon just ran out of hotel rooms.
Guess it's time to start doubling up. Get comfortable.

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  1. I don't give a crap about this! Post something we give a fuck about. Next.

  2. I was gonna take my kids to DrawnCon, but after this behavior I think we'll go somewhere ELSE INSTEAD. SHAME ON YOU DRAWNCON

  3. I like the cut of his jib.
    If I weren't a filthy foreigner I'd consider attending.

  4. http://ronrosstoday.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/HowToWinFriends-Cover.jpg

  5. Bad, atrocious, god awful, did-you-really-expect-anything-less-from-this-horsefuckery-domain PR's better than no PR.

    They were right in my town last year, so I checked it out. It was actually pretty good. Small but enjoyable. Surprisingly good vendor hall, a game room better than most small cons, and hilarious panels held by people who give a fuck and actually engage their audience. A great place to get hammered and stumble around for sure.

  6. you dogcocks actually sent a press release to horse-news, and you let dudebro write it? oh god please dont tell me you made dudebro head of PR or something

  7. Seeing as how I live in Massachusetts, I may attend this. Not sure if I'm autistic enough to actually go to the damn thing, though...

  8. Boston, Baltimore, you couldn't pay me enough to go to New England.

  9. Who gives a real shit about either con? I'd rather not choke on the air in those places.

  10. Jees Drawcon. Make a poster or something, you dont need to send bad angry emails to people who dont even know who you are. Maybe send an email asking to have an article written about drawcon instead. Jees.