Super Smash Ponies seeks Voice Actresses and Animators

So apparently Fighting is Magic isn't the only pony fighting game project around. Or at least that is the hope. Super Smash Ponies, a fan project that has been in production since 2012, and largely hasn't been heard from in almost half a year, is seeking animators and voice actors/actresses for the game.

The game has been caught in a bit of development hell for a few months, with the most recent update coming in October of 2013, but it appears that the team is getting back on track and moving forward. Despite the looming threat of Hasbro C&D's the team is continuing, and have recently posted a "Help Wanted" notice on their website. The notice reads:

Hello all! We’re still at development, but currently we’re in need of a helping hoof for two things.
Thing one:
We’re looking for animators and digital artists who wish to build puppets and animate character designs for Super Smash Ponies.
Currently we’re working on Rainbow Dash’s character animation. If you are at all interested in animating for Super Smash Ponies, or if you’re a digital artist interested in learning how to vector and animate, send us an email at, subject title starting with Animations, with your Skype name and a sample of your work.
And thing two:
We are looking for Voice Actresses! This casting call is for the roles of Applejack, and Rainbow Dash. At this point in time we are not requesting voices for other characters.
Here are the instructions for submitting your auditions to us:
Create a video, or an MP3 track of you perfroming your best Applejack or Rainbow Dash impersonation, minimum of 30 seconds and upload it to Youtube or SoundCloud. (Performances on any hosting services other than the two specified will not be considered.)
If you plan to audition for both characters, please record separate performances per character.
For the performance itself, there is no set script; say what you like; though, using lines from the actual show will also be a huge help as well. We also encourage in grunts, noises, and attack sounds into the mix as well.
Then, once you’ve done that, send an email to with the subject title beginning with Voice Acting.
Include the following in the email: your name/alias, a secondary form of contact (second email or Skype), and a link to your youtube/soundcloud recording. An optional and not required item is a link to your voice acting demo, if you have one. It would also help greatly.
The deadline for VA submissions is Saturday, March 29, 11:59 PM PST.And there you have it! We hope to see new faces, and we look forward to hearing your auditions. Best of luck to all!

Will it live to see the light of day? Or will it meet the same fate as the others that have tried?
Place your bets.

Comments (2)

  1. Inb4 Hasbro sends C&D.

  2. Maybe they've learned from the previous attempts? Don't have a website, don't use names, use throwaway emails for calls like this - and how they going to C&D you? The only sacrifice you have to make is a little vanity.