Raycord Legends: A good fandom game? (INTERVIEW CONFIRMED)

looks bad so far but hear me out
In the wake of some dating sim turning out to be nothing but a scam by a bunch of "le ebin trolls", it's good to know that this fandom can actually produce something good. Well, at least the teaser looks good...

Inspired by MLP:FIM, Raymond Legends, and Psychonauts, Raycord Legends actually promises to be a very well made and interesting games. A platformer, the objective seems to be collecting parasprites, at least that's the only footage shown in the teaser video released today.

Explained to us through a rhyming Dr Who, the game stars the main character Raycord, a non-sueable Discord, and his epic adventure of catching creatures at the Harmony Academy. Other characters include Momma L. Faust, the alicorn principle. It also seems she doesn't mind having inappropriate relations with students, either.

I wish mom cared about me like this...
Another important name to know is Scruffy! The Janitor! Who, like certain fandom websites, is a complete and total dick and a personal thorn in everyone's side.

So it seems that, for once, we actually have a decent game to look forward to. Perhaps Horse-News can get a beta to try out for all of you wonderful losers.

Oh who am I kidding, no one likes us.


They like us! They really like us! [happily crying externally]
Horse-News would just like to say that while we enjoy what we're seeing from such a great trailer, like any glimmer of hope, this could turn out horrible.

Comments (7)

  1. Looks rather amusing. I hope it's good.

  2. You guys are talking about this like the community never produced a good game.

    Here's an awesome pony game that requires no knowledge of megaman:


  3. An informative and positive article?
    what the hell guys!?

  4. Im impressed. Animation in the game needs a bit of work but so far it looks awesome!

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