Pinkiepony watch 2010 + 4: The return of Social Justice Wankers

It has been a while since April Davis of Newport Beach, VA announced that she was laying low after being on the metaphorical cross hairs of the “CIS, Able bodied, Racist, Anti-other kin, transphobic, homophobic, transnational, transfat, pro-Israel, children killing, pedophile, japanophile, epileptic inducing” bronies.

Here at horse news have some troubling news to share.

April "PinkiePony" Davis has returned from her hibernation and restarted her self righteous campaign against the fandom.

It was a rough year for the Flintstone family when pebbles discovered meth.

Treating logical criticisms as hate and “death threats” [citation needed on if she actually received them], April decided that a few weeks before the properly named "April's Fools day" would be perfect to reemerge as the biggest pariah in the brony community, because using the Westoboro Baptist Church’s method of “making people change by pissing them off” clearly worked the first time around.

So how is the butt of every "your rights ends where by feelings begin" joke using her second shot at making a good impression to the fandom that she grew up in working?

Let’s find out after the break!

Guinea Pig Rape Culture

April “Pinkiepony” Davis is not only a infamous social justice warrior, she is also a respectable Guinea Pig owner. I mean, just look at those two bundle of joys.

I'm guessing having the under wire at an angle and being cramped in a small cage is good for them?

Unfortunately, She had to get rid of one for the following reason:

Down with Princess GuineaPigMolestia

Now clearly the reason that happened was that April "Pinkiepony" Davis oppressed the poor Guinea Pig with the pinkiearchal "Guinea Pig Rape Culture" that was all over her house. That Guinea Pig lived life knowing that Dahvie could rape her anytime he pleased and she couldn't escape because of Pinkie's Guinea Pig Rape Culture. Sadly, it got to the poor Guinea Pig and her upcoming bundle of >Rape joy.

A real victim of Guinea Pig Rape Culture
As with tragic events in their enemy's life, anons become ruthless in a totally hilarious way

But the child woman did not relent on her values when her Guinea Pig died. In fact she became euphoric when someone offered a suggestion:

*tips fedora*

                                          Jan Animations                       

While the brony community was in shock over the C&D of Jan Animations , April "PinkiePony" Davis took to her twitter to bait for drama let her opinions be known:

I heard that was a treatment for autism
When she was asked why she did not like Jan Animations, she responded with this

Guinea Pig Rape Enablers have no say what should be labeled as bad 
Now when you mock someone as popular as Jan Animations, you kinda expect to get blow back for your statements, even someone who is autistic with an IQ of 142 like April claims. well.....

Ya kinda started it, you stupid cunt

Yea, she kinda played retarded, which is below her self proclaimed 142 IQ.

Being the heroes the internet deserved. A few anons with >twitter accounts decided to chime into her autism that will be known in the history of the fandom.

[ ] Not Rekt
 [X] Rekt

                      What did you say about my waifu?!?!

They call her Strumpet, Strumpet-chan, Raritits, and for the masses of the brony fandom and /mlp/, they call her: My waifu.

I like her assets....umm art assets I swear!

Strumpet-chan is well known throughout the fandom for her chest art. In most cases, this art involved the lustful, forbidden love of a humanized baby dragon and a fashion forward pony.

And they call it puppy love.
I know what you all are wondering: What does Strumpet have to do with this girl woman?
What those necklaces really mean
Strumpet decided to tweet about a blog about "white girls complaining about white boys" that has taken tumblr by storm:

Thinking it was instantly about her as she does with everything, April Davis used her tried and true method of screen capping and posting on tumblr:

The only exercise pinkie does is run her mouth and jump to conclusions.

Of course, instead of asking or even doing something unthinkable like ignoring people like rational people do, pinkie pulled a pinkie by bitching and moaning. 

Strumpet clearly didn't' want any of it and took to her tumblr to quell the immaturity that is April

Now, Any other rational person would realize she was in the wrong and leave it at that. But, it has been concluded by many tumblr experts that April has no sense of logic or shame, and did not let those experts down.

>I never said anything rude about her

Clearly April "Pinkiepony" Davis is back to her own antics and has targeted the bosom of the fandom. She is a constant chest pain to the fandom that cannot be ignored, even if people try to dismiss the mountains of evidence. Does pinkie know that this level of self entitlement will make her a bust on Broadway? Only time will tell.

As for this reporter: my sword is ready.


Update: Guess who fled the internet

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  1. I don't want to be that guy, but you guys are fuckin' falling for bait. Good lord. I get she sucks. I get she is a tyrannical bitch, but not feeding the troll is rule number 1 of 4chan and the internet. (And if it isn't, it should be.) She's feeding off of the drama she creates, almost like Chrysalis feeds off love. If we stop responding, she'll probably stop because it won't be fun anymore to shit on us.

    1. It IS rule number one of the internet. It's also rule number one to dealing with idiots in real life (until they pull out a weapon). The only problem is that people have pride, and that pride doesn't let them try to not prove THEY'RE right and YOU'RE wrong.

      'TIS A SHAME.

    2. The thing you're somewhat forgetting is that even if she's a troll and people are getting ensnared in her schmuck bait, she's also been going above and beyond her call of duty to troll and prank. While I never read or really cared much for Molestia, I know that it was an integral part f the Tumblrdom (or so I've been told). I don't care much for JanAnimations either, Button's voice is annoying, and I'd rather just not deal with that at all, but I still respect the amount of work and effort that goes into making an animation. I *know* that I couldn't do it, because I suck at drawing and basically everything else except for motion tweening, which I haven't done since 9th grade.

  2. Alright, sorry, you lost me at the whole "got rid of the male guinea pig because it raped the female one" thing. I think my eyes skimmed through the rest of the article, but my mind is still reeling over that one part.

    I just... don't understand. Do I want to, though?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. if autistic people weren't autistic, they could just brush off comments about autism or play it off for humor, but instead, they get angry and respond about how its fucked up. which is kind of fucked up because it gives trolls easy bait and it forces a reaction out of autists every time you call someone an autist :V

    3. The accusation if autism comes from reacting to everything. As you just proved, a satirical news post throwing a million and one buzzwords around, and you pick up on "autism". I don't know anyone who has made fun of autists IRL, and I frown on people who would. But given that we are online, the one place you actually can say how you feel, I find your reaction to be for lack of a better word, very autistic, in that you feel a comment is directed at you soecifically.

  4. Y'all niggas are slow on the draw.

    1. we have a dozen moles who can still see her account. she should be scared.

  5. Scared of what? she's only getting attention of a few idiots right now, why bother dragging her ass in to the spotlight when for the first time ever shes taking herself out?

    This is why I hate you faggots. 'Lets get back at this attention whoring bitch by giving her as much attention as possible through means if idle threats that lead to virtually no where. That'll show her.'

    1. Totally accurate.

      Still gay.

  6. starting to agree with the other anons on pink whore here
    she wants attention
    stop giving it to her

    instead, maybe start posting about the other outstandingly autistic fucks that suck her off all the time, like dragondicks, lucariwhoa (who just got busted for having their own NSFW pony blog after they whined and screamed over cloppers repeatedly), oak23 or whoo is writing?

    they're worse than her at this point if you see the shit they spew on tumblr

    1. It turns out that Lucariwhoa is the pinkie bitches boyfriend. Here's hoping he an heroes to escape her.

    2. Ignoring her doesn't work when she still has enough fucktards following her to get Hasbro off their asses and take fan shit down. Believe me, I want to ignore her, but until Lucariwhoa flips out and Chris Benoits her when she inevitably stabs him in the back when he becomes too much a liability, we must rise up and smack a bitch for the great good!

  7. >Arent those things supposed to live until 5?
    Actually, guinea pigs can live up to eight years.
    Heavens, I used to own one that had actual brain damage, and she still managed to make it to six. Guinea pigs are not difficult to keep. How on Earth do you get one to die at three years unless on purpose?

  8. >dating a guy
    >"I'm not straight"

  9. TheSilverRanger23 March 2014 at 12:03

    I agree. This is enough. The way I see it, the battle's been won. Possibly the war. Her tumblr's gone. Her tweets are protected. There's nothing more to do anymore right now. I was considering making a parody music video. but after this? There's no logic in that. I'm leaving this shit alone.

    1. She'll be back. You can beat cancer once, but it usually comes back.

  10. I honestly don't give a shit about any of this - I wish I could understand your concerns regarding, because this has nothing to do with anything remotely important.

    Oh wait, it's Horse News! Shit, my bad!

  11. her tumblr is not deleted. she just put up a theme that emulates the not found page. it is still visible on mobile and at

    1. it may even be considered an exploit or resource abuse, which is grounds for Tumblr to actually delete it. see

  12. Her new account is . Spread the word.

    1. Why? So you can send death and rap threats innocent girl just trying to make this fandom a better place?

    2. **rape threats to an

    3. Rap threats, yo.

  13. fuck bronies, im heine1