Interview with Aryanne artist: Ass Stalker

Earlier last night, Horse News was able to corner based Aryanne drawfag Ass Stalker and pound out a few questions concerning the pony, his habits, and his recent banning from Tumblr.

Bold: Horse News
Regular: Ass Stalker

First and foremost, who is best horse?

How about from the show?
Rainbow Dash I guess; she looks hot too.

When did you/the threads start picking up?
 One month ago one of my friends made it I didn't even know before, he kept posting my old works.

I used to draw on Flockmod before. I was still a noob. I drew Rainbow Dash and Applejack often that time. Because of my poor style, people and I cannot recognize what pony I drew.

So it combine both of them and then my friend made a joke and added a "nazi" symbol on it

Where do you get your inspiration for your pieces?
It's hard to say, sometimes, there is an idea on my mind. Sometimes, it is from Db (Derpibooru).

What tools/programs do you use to bring the blonde mare to life?
Sai, this is easy to use; stabilizer can help me a lot.

Is Bat Pony an exclusive of yours? Do you browse any other generals?
Draw thread. This thread gives me some ideas

No fluffy pony?
Lol, I personally don't like the fluffy, since I can't find the holes of this creatures :)

What do you think of the Aryanne stories; have a favorite?
I don't think much about it before. Because I want the writefags to write it. But a WW2 background is better or war in general, I don't know.

With the new episode hosting Maud wearing a German Picklehaube, would you consider doing something with her?
That was a cool episode and the dress is cool. Maud should join the army of Aryanne; the world needs her.

Do you visit /pol/?
No, but some of my followers visit that.They've talked about Nazis and Jews in the Aryanne thread before.

Have you checked your privilege today?
No. I, for some reason, have my blog on tumblr deleted, it got reported.

Terribly sorry about that. Anything you can say to expand on it? Was there a drama build-up, did you have any particular folk hounding you about drawing a Nazi pony?

Some people don't like nazis; they keep saying "Why do you draw nazis" and "You should pay respect on jews". But I ignore that.But I want to say they don't know what art is. I hate get limited on drawing.
*Our interviewer paid his respects here with a slow clap*
And surely, some artists drew Aryanne, they think she is cute.

Do you practice BDSM in your own bedroom ventures?
Haha, I like BDSM with chains [in art].  In fact,i dont have BDSM stuff  in my bedroom lol. However, I like to draw the pony suffering from it; that's hot and funny. Oh, I hang my RD plushie on my bedroom. Did it count as BDSM?


Do you do commissions? If not, have you considered doing them at some point?
I only accept suggestions, because of this: if you do commissions, you only can gain an idea which people willing to pay. If you don't do commission, you can get many ideas which people want you to draw. So i\I decide I don't do them.

Last Question: Would you ever consider doing Horse-News porn; such as our newsroom or our mascot Newsie?
Yes, sure. If this it interests me, I would do it :).

Any final comments?
Horse News is cool!

NOTE: Due to language barriers some edits have been made to the text. We at Horse News appreciate and are in full gratitude to all those who we interview.

Comments (15)

  1. Aryanne is hot, liked the interview

  2. Actual racist, or edgy tryhard? I've never heard of the guy before now, so I can't tell.

    1. It's not a racist really, he doesn't discriminate or really agrees with any racial activities but he is convinced that an artist should be able to draw what the hell he wants

    2. You're the edgy tryhard.

  3. The world needs more Aryanne R34

  4. The world needs more of fräulein Aryanne. She is wunderbar, and deserves more love. Heil!

  5. "But I want to say they don't know what art is." Or rather, you don't know what art is, because drawing a Nazi horse just because you think it's cute is not art, and you can't just use "because it's art" to deflect any criticism you get. Unless there is some reason the horse needs to be a Nazi other than she happens to be a Nazi horse, there is nothing artistic about the Nazi horse, and you are just being an ass.

    1. >4 days late fite me irl
      Most of the write-fags base her in WW2, so now she has a reason.

  6. oh please Titanslayer, tell me what art is

  7. That's sick, the interviewer should have asked him if he was anti-semite, just to get rid of that confusion

    1. And what his personal opinion of the Nazi party is, yeah.

  8. sorry ass stalker u are not the creator of aryanne i am so if i were quit making her or there will be trouble

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