Hasbro reboots 80's cartoon featuring glam rock, and also Jem is getting a movie

We told you, but did you listen? When Equestria Girls 2 was confirmed and the first previews were released, Horse-News talked about the fact that Hasbro was clearly drawing from the success of ponies to revive interest in the other 80's girl cartoon/toy line they had: Jem and the Holograms.
Today, we get confirmation of that. Jem is returning, to a theater near you.

In Equestria Girls 2, for some reason the pony-humans take on the appearance of 80's glam rockers complete with facepaint and keytaurs, which for a modern children's show, seems like a pretty random move to make. But it makes perfect sense when you realize that Hasbro is introducing the syle to a new generation to revive a far less remembered character (except perhaps by robot chicken fans) "Jem". 

Here; have a video about it.

On board for the film is Jon M. Chu, who previously helped with another 80's Hasbro cartoon-turned-modern-movie "G.I. Joe: Retaliation". The other guys on the team are Justin Bieber's manager, and the Producer from Paranormal Activity. It's rather hard to imagine a more awful combination, and the fact we keep needing to bring up Justin Bieber lately is getting quite concerning.
Not everyone is happy about these developments. Notably Amy Mebberson, who worked on the IDW My Little Pony comics, had this to say:

She must think that it is outrageous, truly, truly outrageous.
Did we mention they're doing the casting for this movie via Tumblr? Just imagine the wonderful "talent" they're going to find from there. Oh wait, you don't have to imagine:

So yes folks, the high-budget pony commercial is being used as a commercial for another commercial.

Just wait till they reboot Glo Worms and Visionaries.

Consider that a warning.

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  1. Time to get out the crying baby photos.

  2. And yet bronies will continue to defend Hasbro. Makes me sick.

  3. Was Amy always a SJW?

  4. We should pass a law which legalizes mass murder of corporate executives.

    1. Paraphrasing John K: What number constitutes a mass murder?