Brony Artist gets the Weirdest Commissions Ever

Art Kid: Cowboy Bebop Ronny "PaintbrushPegasus" Clemens at his computer

San Diego, CA - An up-and-coming artist recently started taking commissions as an extra source of income, but he was not prepared for the strange requests his commissioners threw at him.

"I was expecting some commissions I probably would not have drawn as requests," said Ronny "PaintbrushPegasus" Clemens. "I was willing to draw badly designed OC shippings, a few alicorn OCs, a few nonsensical pairings, and other run-of-the-mill off stuff". Clemens told Horse News he started taking commissions so he could purchase a new Wacom Intuos® Pro drawing tablet. "My first commission actually wasn't too strange; the customer wanted a digital painting of Rainbow Dash holding a Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher. I finished that one up and sent it back to him the next day."

Clemens stated that after the first few and slow commissions, his business venture gained some traction as satisfied customers spread the word, especially when his results were flashed around by happy customers across Tumblr and Twitter.

"The kid I drew his OC shipped with Fluttershy happened to have a couple thousand Tumblr followers; that really boosted my business" stated Clemens as he showed us a drawing of a lime green and blue alicorn receiving a small peck on the cheek from our familiar yellow pegasus.

"But after that... was when things started getting... strange. I received another commission from the RPG Rainbow Dash guy, who wanted me to draw Twilight Sparkle hijacking a plane and crashing it into the Twin Towers. Except the towers were horsecocks. Despite my 'No Sexually Explicit Requests' note on my commission sheet. After attempting to refuse, I had no choice but to block the guy on Skype." Clemens added he was worried the NSA was tracking his conversations with his customers.

"Now, I thought that would be the end of it. You'd be wrong! Aside from the badly designed OCs and cheap shippings, I also got some pretty sickening requests. Not just the obvious foalcon and scat shit. I received commissions for fetishes I have never heard of... or wanted the pleasure of knowing it exists. Like, having diamonds inserted into Rarity's asshole... and them having them explode! And the Spike eating the bloody remains of it! He even offered to pay me three times the going rate, but I refused to even allow my name to be associated with this kind of shit." Horse News asked Clemens if he considered using an alternative alias for more explicit art, but he claimed his art style was distinct enough, the art would be traced back to him at some point.

Clemens states that while he was in shock initially at the content of some of his commissions. he would not close off commissions until his queue becomes too long.

"I still enjoy drawing a lot of my commissions, and a few that I have really loved putting together, I'd even put some extra effort and touches, free of charge! But... Some of my other requests... Seriously, who the fuck thinks of this stuff?"

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  1. Well if his commissions queue wasn't closed yet, it certainly is now, after being posted on a site with so much traction ^^

    *the sound of silence*

  2. So I take it I wont be seeing my commission for Twlight licking my OC's cock which is actually a dinosaur while she gets fisted by a IRL cat?

    1. Your OC's cock is a dinosaur?

    2. Only when he goes into super hyper saiyan mode, which is more better than normal super saiyans.