Bronies Vs Juggalos: Which Is The Worst Fandom?

Notice: For the sake of not fucking beating a dead horse I will not make any jokes regarding magnets or how they work.

Bronies and Juggalos: They both seem to wind up on worst fandom lists all over the internet, but why is that? Are these 2 fandoms truly the worst? Worse than the Sonic fandom? Homestuck? Filly Funtasia? What makes these 2 fandoms the worst? After sitting on google extensive research, I believe I may finally have the answer.

First we will begin with the Juggalos:

remember to use a condom folks
Juggalos are fans of the Detroit rap group Insane Clown Posse and other associated artists on the Psychopathic Records label. Juggalos are known for wearing clown cum paint on their faces, their hair which is sometimes done up in braids, throwing soda, and yelling "whoop-whoop". I will break this up into the male and female Juggalos.

First we start with the males:

A male Juggalo is normally a white (though some black Juggalos do exist) kid from the suburbs who didn't get the new Call of Duty game for Christmas so he decides to act out by listening to music that is shit full of violent lyrics that touches on subjects involving, but not limited to murder, rape, necrophilia, domestic abuse, bitches, and stabbing, amongst other things. He tends to date bigger women since any woman with any self respect would never date a guy like this.

Now the ladies:

edited for your sake
A female Juggalo also known as a cow "Juggalette" is normally a overweight woman from a trailer park who has daddy issues. She likes to go days without shaving her legs, has never heard of soap and likes to wear clothing that does not flatter her fat ass curvy figure.

The Juggalos like to be known as a family. They have a event that runs once a year called The Gathering of The Juggalos. The event is a 5 day long event that features music, wrestling, deaths of event-goersartists being assaulted with rocks, bottles, shit, and piss, and juggalettes shoving all sorts of things in their vaginas and asses. A documentary was filmed at the 2008 GOTJ entitled "A Family Underground".

Now we will get to the Bronies:

fucking dashfags
A Brony is a adult fan of the television show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Bronies are known for taking a little girls show way too seriously, spilling spaghetti in public, and being an embarrassment to their family. As with Juggalos I will split this into male and females Bronies.

Males first:

the sword is ready
A male Brony is normally a fat fuck overweight man in his mid-teens to late 40's. He tends to live in his parents basement where he spends his days writing bad fanfiction, making dank yamyams, and of course jerking off to horses watching the show. He does not hide his power level at all and thinks watching a little girls show is cool.

Now the ladies:

>no hooves
A female Brony (sometimes called a Pegasister) is a woman or little girl that can range from the age 7 to late 30's. Now while little girls are the target audience and are expected to like the show, a grown woman liking the show is not seen as odd as a grown man. Normally they cosplay as characters from the show and get stalked by Bronies at conventions.

Bronies have conventions year-round but the biggest one is Bronycon. Bronycon is an event held over the course of 3 days which includes panels by the show staff, parties, and autism music. A documentary was filmed at the 2012 convention entitled "Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Fans of My Little Pony".

Now that you have basic information on the fandoms, what makes them the worst of the worst? What is it about these fandoms that people just don't like? Are they really so bad? Yes. Yes they are.

Juggalos tend to be a loud and annoying bunch of people. Put them all in one place and what you get is described as pure autism chaos. In the video above the Juggalels throw stuff at Andrew WK while he proclaims that everything is "FOR YOU". The most advanced Juggalos have a middle school education at the most but are still pretty damn dumb.

Like Juggalos, Bronies tend to be loud and annoying as well. Put them in one place and you get a spaghetti explosion so large that it can be seen from space. In the video above we see some Bronies having a meet up at a Minnesota mall, where they proceed to sing songs from the show, have fun, and generally look like idiots.

Now which of the fandoms are worse? While Bronies are a cancer they do have a slight edge over the Juggalos. Lets face it in 15 years time the Brony fandom will be all but gone while the Juggalos will still be around making us all look like casuals. However, is longevity of an obsessive interest really something we should aspire to? I don't know about you, but I'd much rather enjoy my thing for a short time, ensuring it remains a fond memory of autism past, than slog it out until the bitter end when all the fun and life had long since gone. Sure, they'll probably outlast bronies/horsefuckers, but we can appreciate that - at least for a time - we were just as much the faggots they are. So in the case of the worse fandom, I am going to have to give it to the Juggalos.

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  1. Well, will we join the Filly Funtasia fandom

  2. The difference between ICP and Bronies is that the former obsesses over pure human shit, and the latter obsesses over horse shit.

    Having worked both on a farm and as a janitor, I'd rather shovel horse shit for years than unclog one more toilet. To that effect, bronies have the edge. At least their metaphorical horse shit can be used as metaphorical fertilizer to make them donate to charities and stuff.

  3. All Juggalos act like that though.
    Not every 'brony' acts like an autist, a large majority do though.

    nor/mlp/erson master race, hide your power levels you fucking squibs.

  4. I like this guy's optimism about the ride finally ending.

  5. IMHO, Juggalos are still worse. Why? You're talking about fans of a "rap" group who thinks science is wrong and a buncha lies...why else?

  6. TheSilverRanger31 March 2014 at 14:49

    Personally, I'm both, but I don't give a shit about either fan groups these days. I'm much too old to dress like a juggalo or a pony cosplay. I'd much prefer suits and ties instead. That is...if you consider 31 too old.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Juggalos are most certainly worse. Denying proven things, rejecting innovation and hard work and basicly moving backwards.. also I heard they are very aggresive people.

  9. Alright, bronies are pretty up there with certainly being one of the worst fandoms; however... aren't Juggalos known to rape, beat up, and KILL people - simply for the lulz? And aren't the 'mascot' for the group a guy brandishing a meat cleaver?
    I'd rather be seen hanging out with a brony in full MLP merchandise (shirts, pants, and all) than some loud asshole with clown make-up smeared in his face.

    Bronies are just a minuscule nuisance. Juggalos, on the other hand, are flat-out hooligans, and the worst group you'll ever come across.

  10. I think anyone who assumes all juggalo's are that way is a complete moron i myself am a juggalo i am not violent i actually went to college and i am a professional truck driver as where anyone who says they did extensive research and choose only the negatives of any group of ppl is a complete a$$ hole

  11. And these ppl should be judged themselves and criticized not applauded

  12. As a Bronie myself, I disagree with the majority of this article. Yes, there are less than stellar people in every fandom, from Star Wars to MLP to Horror Movies.But allowing the few awkward and annoying fans to ruin the entire fandom itself is unfair.

    That being said, however. I have a huge issue with the Juggalo shenanigans. They are all criminals, hooligans, and societal shit stains.

    Look at how many rapes/murders/etc cases can be found linked to Juggalos. It is completely astounding.

    1. I'm a 27 year old juggalette that not only graduated high school, but has no drug charges and hasn'tcommited a single murder! And to beat it all, I can see my feet when I look at the floor.

      Love everyone saying, "Well, I'm a such-&-such, but we're not all like that." and in the next breath you pop off with, "But all Juggalos/lettes are horrible, awful people!"

      Don't hate, relate. Your life is going to end up sad and sorry after you chase everyone away with your judgments.

  13. Wanh,Wanh,Wanh,this is what u all sound like,if you hate us Lo's so much why are u takin the tíme to write an article bout us.I think u secretly want to be one or the other or both and are scared to so u became a hater.Be urself not a sheeple!!!

  14. i'd hang with them if i was low on booze .. they seem like the kind of people that drink 24/7 and i prefer that over some 30 year old virgins