Bronies to attend Brony convention - world shocked


Okay, they must be running out of press stuff soon right? Who are we kidding.
Anyway, that con we we won't shut up about dropped a bombshell tonight, informing us that their brony convention will actually feature bronies - literally nobody saw this coming.
All of the #horsefamous people that they want to admit are coming are listed above.
If you don't recognize the names, you must not be a >fan of the fandom. Good.
Let's take a look at some of the names.

Eileen Montgomery - voiced a bunch of stuff, but most importantly Button's Mom (RIP in peace)

Off to a good start.
Sherclop Pones - that guy who didn't make the "Mentally Advanced Series".
Why do you care? Gypsy Bard. Also something about an exclusive preview.

DustyKatt will be there...with his enthusiastically muscular friend.

...AppleCider...LeekFish...looks like Seth is getting out of bed and making an appearance...who else is on this list...Rina Chan....uh oh-nobody tell Slashy  PONYTOAST FUCKED UP

Speaking of Vinyl Scratch VAs - Jesse Nowack will be showing up - she does lots of fan voices like DJ-PON3, (also plays police girls with big titties, and other girls with big potatoes).

Couple documentary teams will be showin up - the one that forced John DeLancie to take to the seas to fight pirates, and also the one starring Ashleigh Ball will be there.

Legends of Equestria will be doing something...

Ponyville Live will be handling the streaming and recording, hopefully they keep the tab under 10 grand.

And what's this?

Holy shit Boxxy is coming
The queen of /b/ and the queen of bronies will be under the same roof. This could very well signal the end times. Also she'll be hanging out on the /mlp/-run panel called "Information Without Title Creates Interesting Random Dialogue".

There's no way any of this could go wrong.

Comments (11)

  1. I wish I had time and money. Time to travel to the west coast, time without college. Money to pay for the trip, for the hotel, for the swag.

    But that will never be. Only srs MATURE ADULTS, the ones with a job (or very rich and irresponsible parents), will have enough $$$ to come. I could not go. I will be sad now.

    1. srs mature adults don't have the time because they're busy making the money they wish didn't have to go to bills.

  2. I just realized that I really don't like 98% of the people on that list. What does say about me? Should I get off the ride?

    Or am I just...normal?

    1. I suggest option C: don't care about them

    2. All right. I'll bite. Who are the people on that list you DO like?

    3. Button's mom and...

      nah just her voice talent.

  3. Am I the only one who thinks this con sounds too good to be true? Have we all forgotten about Las Pegasus?

    1. What's a Las Pegasus?

    2. The one where the con people ran off laughing with everyone's money while the guests were stuck in hotels.

    3. They did not run off with the money! They stayed with the con the whole time! Sandi had a nervous breakdown on sunday and left for a few hours, then came back and help to run the registration desk. Sandi was close to tears at that point while Eddie was trying miserably to hide his fear. How could they have run off with the money? There was no money to run off with. That's the whole reason the problem started in the first place! They invited way too many guests and their entire bank had been reduced to zero. They could only pay for some stuff. I'm not saying they didn't screw up, I'm saying they didn't screw up on purpose.

  4. You filthy casuals, everyone knows Poklonskaya's the new queen of /b/.