BABScon song appears

So this just popped up on the BABScon youtube channel . We don't know much about it except that it is almost just as catchy as the original Babs Seed song, and it was created by Donn Devore, Tarby, and Pinkey Clark. It's not often we get a song from a convention for a promo.
BABScon recently announced Ashleigh Ball as their latest guest, succeeding at having appearances by every mane-6 voice actress. They are also running this charity campaign with /mlp/ to support victims of sexual abuse.

Comments (2)

  1. Wow, this BABSCon sure sounds awesome! :P

  2. Seriously guys? This is a fucking joke. The lyrics are awful and the voices purely "meh" at best.

    We need some full disclosure. What's BABSCon enticing you with for all this positive coverage? Badges? Hotel? Plane tickets? Panel selection priority? Fancy dinner? Fellatio?

    This is getting retarded. What happened to the Horse News I came here to read? I don't want a second Equestria Daily.