Songs In The Key Of Dash - The /mLP/

The Horsefucker Symphony Orchestra in concert
Every so often, the board will have a stroke of musical "brilliance" and inspiration often manifesting itself in the form of a parody. The most famous of these is likely "Alicorn Twi" written by an anon during the Twilicorn Shitstorm Incident. Occasionally, anons will even be inspired to SING them - the results of which run the spectrum from audiorgasm to rusty-nail on a chalkboard, all of which brilliant in their own way. Last night PurpleTinker decided to add to the growing collection of /mlp/roduced tunes, with a rendition of "The Ride, It's Never Changing"- a parody of the Bob Dylan Classic. Listen to it after the break.
As the collection grows, a group of anons are working to create an entire album of the recordings; a project dubbed "The /mLP/".

The /mLP/ currently has 8 tracks and is looking for volunteers to record themselves singing more, or providing their own music for the project. Some of the tracks thusfar include
"/mlp/ sings Alicorn Pie" - Performed by /mlp/
"The Ride; It's Never Changing" - Performed by PurpleTinker
"If I had 9000 Dollars" - Performed by PonyToast and Earnest of TrueEquestriaRadio

"What I learned while browsing /mlp/" - performed by Anonymous
"Modern CapperGeneral" - Performed by Anonymous.
If you would like to be part of this musical masterpiece, send an email to and we'll tell you where to submit your stuff.
Currently unrecorded songs:
Racist Barn

The Fresh-prince of Button Mash
My Gym Partner's a Human

This Board is not a home (duet)

File Song
Winter Shut Up
This Gay Aria

Giggle at the Hitler

The Inner-city Cafeteria song

The Mane-iacs

Comments (8)

  1. "If you would like to be part of this musical masterpiece, send an email to and we'll tell you where to submit your stuff."

  2. Purple Tinker makes Bob Dylan sound like a decent singer in comparison.

    1. They should use the original version as a bonus track or something.

  3. If I had 9,000 dollars, I'd fund it.

  4. You forgot "Stop the Jews/Blacks"

  5. I'm not the creator of it, but I feel that i should recommend this unlisted song parodying Ballad of the Crystal Empire.

  6. Shit, a song I wrote is on here. Feels good, man.