Not one, but TWO Equestria Girls Sequels on the way?

On Thursday, the Equestria Girls website brought a new promotional video to us for the upcoming Equestria Girls Sequel "Rainbow Rocks". Or should we say, "sequels". That's right folks, a little note on the title card seems to confirm what many have speculated or feared; this is NOT likely the last we will see of the Equestria Girls film franchise. Not even close.

Following the recent announcement (accidental or otherwise) that Ponies will continue for at least another 5 years during the Hasbro Investor Meeting, this would be the second-most long-term information we have about upcoming projects. The video, embedded below, does in fact appear on the Hasbro Website with the source-title of "Rainbow Rocks: Part 1" Some speculated that this could mean a 2-part soundtrack, but it does not indicate this being a "Motion Picture Soundtrack" the way they are normally credited. Also Daniel Ingram has already confirmed 12 songs for the film, meaning far too-few to break into 2 CD's. Ominously, the video loads after this rather foreboding message
War...War has changed.
February continues for another week. We are not out of the woods yet. On another note; the actresses used to portray the ponies in this video are clearly different from the previous video, as Rarity (the white-as-a-marshmallow pony) is suddenly
Reminder that the Zecora Doll for Equestria Girls is white.
well you get the picture. Rainbow Rocks (Or as we now know it, Rainbow Rocks PART 1) is slated for a Fall 2014 release.

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