New episode synopsis release? Or an elaborate ruse?

This morning Zap2it posted a pair of Episode Synopsis', and all seemed to be in order, but something is rotten in Denmark. Could this all be an April Fools Prank?
They wouldn't do something like that right?

The episodes Listed here and here both sound pretty legitimate on the surface;

S04, E20()
Sweetie Belle ruins a costume for one of Rarity's clients on purpose; Luna visits her in her dreams.
 S04, E21 (Applejack is doubtful of the Flim Flam Brothers' cure-all tonic; Granny Smith tries it and it seems to work.
Woohoo! Luna dreams are coming back! More Flim Flam Songs! Fans will be so excited!
But wait a minute...
...both of these have the same airdate; March 30th. They aren't a 2-parter either....and according to our "Mare of the Month" calendar, March 30th is a SUNDAY....
The Sunday before April Fool's day in fact.....
We here at Horse News call Shenanigans!

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  1. 'For Whom the Sweetie Bells Tolls' There shouldn't be the s on the end of toll should there? Yeah, I'm going with ruse.

    Also those two title names one after another sound to me like the 'Leap of Faith' episode is about SB an heroing.