My Little Porny Cast Interviews Part 4 - Q&A with Cupcake Codex (Transcribed and Paraphrased)

Part 4 of our ongoing series of interviews with the cast of PixelVixen's "My Little Porny" movie has been transcribed and in some cases paraphrased for clarity, below. CupcakeCodex, who plays "Pinkie" in the adult film parody, talked with Horse-News for nearly an hour yesterday evening on everything from anime to cosplay, to her mid-orgasm near-death experience on set.

Bold: Horse-News / Rarifag as host
Responses Cupcake - AKA "Pinkie"


34-it kinda varies I work out alot-34-28-40 tends to be my average

Where are you from? 
Currently in Chicago.

Were you a fan of My Little Pony before the film?
Yes every episode that has aired so far, I was introduced to them because I live on netflix, and I saw equestria girls, I was one of the 5 adults in the theater that had a child with me, dressed AS a pony.

Were you a fan of any of the original generations; 1, 2, or 3?
Uhh I was a little too young. My mom was.

Are you involved in the fandom in any way (other than this project)/do you frequent any brony/nerd sites?
Uhh actually I'm on reddit, not necessarily posting but reading a lot, both on "clopclop" and on "mylittlepony", but I don't know, I just don't post alot. Sometimes I post things about it on my tumblr.

Who IS your favorite pony?
Hah, okay so it is kind of a two-way tie, I have this issue. Personally I really love Pinkie Pie. I call her my spirit animal all the time, but umm I really really really love Rainbow Dash.

Favorite Episode?
Too many Pinkies.

What was your favourite scene?
So we haven't really all gotten together to watch it yet, but from what I HAVE seen, of clips and stuff, Discordia and Flutters cheat things. Uhh tiny spoiler alert at one point we [REDACTED]

Cosplay seems to be a hobby of yours, who is your favorite character (not necessarily pony) to cosplay as?
Okay, so I definitely love being Harley Quinn, uhh 100%. I have 2 costumes and am working on a third one. That might change a little bit. I am working on an Annie from League of Legends costume, a reverse annie, so I can walk around in footie pajamas all day, I'm kinda super psyched for that, it's going to be super comfortable.

From Cupcake's Tumblr set

Which Harley Quinn, from the Animated series?
Animated series actually my mom picked me up it, that was my very first cosplay.

She has a different fashion going on in the Arkham City games, would you be conisdering picking that up as a cosplay?
I have an Arkham Asylum costume. I really want to do an Arkham City costume eventually, but right now I'm working on-DC released this figurine in thier "Bombshells" series and right now I'm working on that actually. 

Do you ever pair up with a male cosplayer that dresses up as the Joker and just sort of hit cons together?
Actually one of the guys in the film, played Mr. Pie, actually we're good friends, he has been the Joker with me a couple of times at conventions. Actually I was the TARDIS once and he was a screwdriver. Came up to me once and said "Are you bigger on the inside?"

TARDIS? How did you pull that off? Did you just wear a box?
Okay, so I went the really cheap way with this costume, I went and bought the dress they had at HotTopic, and we made a headband for me that had a light on it that was pulsating. So it was a lot of fun, but I just didn't want to do something really elaborate.

What other hobbies do you have besides cosplaying?
I'm an avid rollerskater, I like to speed-skate. Cosplay. Video games.

What's your favorite?
Right now it's "The Last of Us" I'm actually cosplaying as Ellie right now.

Rarifag: The voice-actress did a fantastic job in that; and I'm sure you do a fantastic job in that cosplay.
Well know that At PixelVixens all of the characters we portray are 18 years of age or older at time of shooting.

What is your favorite cartoon besides ponies?
Cartoon or Anime?
Either or.
Uhh anime...Madoka?
Have you ever watched Lucky Star?
Uhh actually no, I have like 3 pages in a notebook with a list of animes I'm supposed to watch

Which 2 characters do you think would make the best couple, would make the best ship?
I'm kind of Discord-Pinkie Pie ship. I think it's called like "DiscoPie"? How I found this ship is I went into "clop research" for the movie, and me and Arielle, who played Discordia, we send each other or like tag each other in stuff on tumblr, of different clop that Pinkie Pie or Discord are in, and we thought it was the greatest thing ever. I really appreciated it. But talking of something that might be a little bit closer to being canon, AJ and Rainbow Dash.

Rarifag: Not Rarity?
Rarity is a cunt.
Rarifag: Those are fighting words Miss.
They are I know, I don't like her because of her actress. Okay so Lola Hart, love her to death. She is a good friend of mine. She was prepping for her scenes. And her scenes are her and Rainbow Dash. And we don't often hear each other, and just out of nowhere we hear "well I AM the best pony."...and everyone just stopped like [shocked face]...And Noel, who was the director, walked out from where we were filming, left the camera man, and says "she did NOT just say that". We were all like "She fucking did!" We were really pissed about it. The entire weekend it was "I'm the best pony, and then I'm the best pony" but then we dropped it and felt bad. I was really pissed.

Is that in the final cut of the film?
I'm pretty sure it's in the final cut, I don't think it would be left out.

Rarifag: I'm a big Rarity fan, but wow, shots fired.
Shots Fired!

Which of the characters in the show do you think has the best sex life?
Rainbow Dash. She could probably get almost any pony she wanted. Either that or Fluttershy. That's based off the idea that in Fluttershy's sex life she would be very dominant.

Did you know any of your co-stars before this film?
I had talked to Noel and Lola quite a bit online. All the rest of the girls were completely new  to me. I knew StudMuffin, who was Mr. Pie, because he's an actual friend of mine. We had a script given to us so we all kinda knew what was going on.

Which pony do you think tastes the best?
Pinkie Pie 

Full from her tumblr here.

What do you think it tastes like?
Pie, because Pinkie Pie...Medically I know this that at least with diabetic people, people who eat sweeter stuff, especially diabetic people, if they have too much sugar in their system, their system is a sweeter flavor.

Do you clop?
I wasn't exactly for me, depending on the situation I might do it again, but it was definitely a moment for me. Everyone's got that one thing that they're secret about, and clopping is definitely like, yeah I did it a few times and okay we're just going to leave this here, I might go back to it one day.

What was the most fun or interesting scene you've ever been in?
I think in that Harley Quinn Arkham Asylum thing I just did, its kind of a "oh the joker has escaped but Harley is still here, so she's kind of interrogated".

From the film itself?
I was only in one scene, and it was in the sweet bakery which was me and Mr. Pie - and I need to clarify this because I have seen some comments on this, "Mr. Pie" is the name we used because of parody law, we don't call me "Pinkie Pie" in the movie, I'm "Pinkie" those two are not of relation. Mr. Pie is a parody of Mr. Cake.

What's your favorite position?
69 with a guy and a girl.

Would you have preferred more male characters in the video?
Well we had 5 girls to 2 guys. I feel like it worked out. And Discordia does her thing to change that up a little bit.
Rarifag: I was wondering why Twilight was a boy.
Well in the preview that we had released, the audio was a little off in the video, but all of that is fixed post-production now though, Discordia has cast a spell on all of "PonyTown", a mating spell pretty much, but when she did it, she made herself a "she", and she wanted to make Twilight's life a living hell, and made Twi into Lusty Shimmer. The only way to reverse the spell is if Discordia has the best orgasm ever.

Have you ever gone to/would you consider going to a brony convention, or any other nerdy con?
I've seriously debated going to BronyCon, if it wasn't halfway across the country.
We might head out there ourselves, might dress up in costume, I have a some ponies. I have Vinyl Scratch, I have Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, so I'm ready.


Is there anything you want to tell our readers about yourself or the movie?
Fun fact; In my scene I eat food throughout the scene. I almost died on-set. I was choking to death on a Twinkie. So warning; Eating food while having an orgasm causes choking. We actually had to stop production, and someone had to give me the Heimlich. Mind you I'm completely nude. We had to stop production for like 3 minutes, and make sure I was okay.

Is eating during intercourse a pass-time of yours?
Not really no, it was first-time thing for me like "Well this is what Pinkie would do!" And like I said I researched for the role a little bit on /r/clopclop, I really wanted to see what the community for clop really kind of expects for Pinkie, this was really my whole discovery of clop. So it was like "Pinkie would totally eat food during sex", and I was like "Okay noted!" and I had cookies, and cupcakes, and Twinkies, and all sorts of stuff, and yeah I almost died. It was a good time. And they also told me I had to break the fourth wall so, there might be some of that in there too.

Do you keep any Pinkie Pie merchandise around your home, any pony items?
Above my main computer system there's a "Build-a-Bear" Fluttershy, a Rainbow Dash statue, I have a Pinkie Pie piggy bank. I have several WeLoveFine t-shirts, and a pony bag withy Vinyl on one side and all the ponies on the other, all my costumes, I have a fabric banner...Oh and I have the comic books.

Do you have any other upcoming projects?
I'm always working on new projects for PixelVixens, and for my own personal stuff, lots of new content.
I have upcoming for PixelVixens, I have my Pinkie set that is going to go up eventually. There is a Pinkie and Mr. Pie set, that's going to go live. I have a female Spiderman set that I have submitted for them. I plan on working with Reverend Arielle soon.

Would you return for a sequel?
If they wanted me to be Pinkie I'd be Pinkie, if they wanted me to be Vinyl, I'd be Vinyl.
Actually we have Vinyl Scratch on PixelVixens. My debut set was called "Wub Wub Wub", I wear these awesome glowy headphones, I have the glasses. I forgot to pack my tail when I went to go shoot that.

Where can people find more of you?
You can find me on Twitter, which I'm not humongously active on Twitter. I'll be going back to myfreecams eventually, tumblr you can find me, and I have a Facebook, not a whole lot on it.

Any last comments for our readers?
I hope you guys in the community, who are of age and whatnot, really enjoy it so we can make a sequel! 

5 down 1 to go! Come back for our series conclusion with Rhyan Rotten!

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