Friday Continues: Fluttershy Sings Clip Released


Another clip has been released from Entertainment Weekly this time showing a Fluttershy song from tomorrow's episode.

From the EW Post:
As her name implies, Fluttershy isn’t the most outgoing pony in Equestria. But that doesn’t mean she can’t cut loose every now and then — provided nobody’s watching.
In this clip from the next episode of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, Fluttershy unleashes her gorgeous voice for a group of her admiring animal pals. She’d never perform in front of a group of other ponies, though — unless she could do it in disguise. Which is where a pony singer who’s lost his voice, an important charity concert, and Zecora’s mysterious remedies come in.
Get a glimpse at the episode below.
Dat mane.

Comments (3)

  1. Well, this shit day just got a little better.

  2. Oh look, it's this season's remake of Hurricane Fluttershy

    >inb4 exact same storyline as every other episode where Fluttershy already learned this lesson

    1. Being a flutterfag who wants decent episodes is suffering ;_;

      At least the portrayal of her in this season has been spot on for the most part