Evening News Roundup: New clip released, songs confirmed, porn on the way

Quick roundup of new information coming in this evening. First: Daniel Ingram confirms TWELVE songs in the upcoming cash-grab sequel Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks. A dozen songs. Damn. Click below for more stuff.

In other news, the Pixel-Vixens "My Little Porny" is ready to be shipped on DVD, so we should be seeing it any day now. Not that Horse-news ordered a copy or anything...

Meghan does her thing.

The Winter cup Starts TOMORROW so Get Hype!

following the heartbreaking failure of his Canvas and Drawquest ventures, Moot launched a new board today for the discussion of business, digital currencies, economics, ect, and it is called /biz/.

Its users are to be referred to as /biz/nitches, no exceptions.

The BABScon Charity Fundly ends tomorrow, as does the, Valentines Day Art contest for free admission, so if you want to donate/enter, hurry up.

And thirdly, the My Little Pony Facebook Page posted a clip of Saturday's Episode "Filly Vanili".
Flutter Key Incoming?

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  1. Kind of a misuse of the term cash grab unless you consider any product sold ever a cash grab

    1. EG as a whole is a cash-grab since it's a very poor quality movie, series and franchise feeding off the success of FiM as much as it can since it wouldn't stand on its own at all.

    2. That's your opinion. It's called expanding a product line. Take a business class or something so you can look at this stuff intelligently.

    3. Expanding a business line doesn't have to be at the cost of any and all quality and creatvie integrity. EqG had none. It was and is the absolute worst part of G4.

    4. Expanding a product line is when it's products in the same category with slight differences, not a completely different category. If Cadence's addition or Twilycorn weren't blatant cashgrabs then they would be product line expansion, they still are, but cashgrab takes priority there. EG is just a blatant cashgrab and it's not even trying to hide it, the fact that it's a cashgrab has to do with the objective low quality of all associated products and nothing else. Your well-worth-it business class would call it "diversifying markets" or "brand expansion".

  2. I've seen scenes from the porn and it's absolute garbage.

    The lighting quality is sub-par, I doubt they even used a real lighting setup. Even the acting is sub-par for pornography, and it's all very cringe-worthy. Most of the actresses couldn't get my dick to twitch.

    Sorry guys. It's shit. Also they're not horses.

  3. The ride is heading for a very solid looking mountain at the moment.