Concerned Parents Petition to Shut Down MLP: FiM

In today's overly politically-correct day and age, it seems that not even shows about colorful, happy ponies can be all sunshine and rainbows.
Horse News: At least we're better than this paper...

In fact, that is precisely the reason why activist group One Million Moms has started a petition to shut down My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

The group's specific complaint focuses on Hasbro's most recent marketing move, Rainbow Power.  The company has already released a number of Rainbow Power toys, has hinted about it being on the show in a number of episodes, and has also confirmed the upcoming release of an Equestria Girls sequel entitled "Rainbow Rocks."
It's still happening and you still can't stop it
"I cannot believe they are allowing this Satanist propaganda to be shown to children!" complained one of the Moms, Edna Smith.  "Next thing you know, children are going to be going around their school talking about 'rainbow power' and corrupting the minds of their fellow youth!"

With the large recent public focus on the issue of same-sex marriage, it is conceivable to believe that Rainbow Power could be some form of public stance on the issue by Hasbro.

"I personally think Rainbow Power is just fabulous!" says open homosexual OP Chad Taylor.  "I mean, it's obviously some campaign by Hasbro to sell toys, but if they are making some kind of public statement I would just looooove it!"

But if One Million Moms has anything to say about it, Hasbro won't be selling any more toys in the foreseeable future.
Average member of One Million Moms standing next to a woman eating Skittles
"Could you possibly get any more blatant in your promotion of homosexuality?" wonders another Mom, Cassidy Savannah.  "They may as well just start calling the show 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Leading You Faggots Straight to the Devil!'"

"Are these bitches serious?" responds one Anon to the claims.  "Most of this show's audience wants to fuck the horses.  I think same-sex marriage is the least of our concerns with the Big Guy..."
>still believing in God

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  1. if only the ride could end so easily

    1. We've been throught this, anon.
      The ride is not ending anytime sooner.

  2. >Most of this show's audience wants to fuck the horses.

    i lost it HARD

    >le meme arow

  3. Well i surely wanna see more lesbian porn movies.

  4. "But we have to protect the children! Save the children! What about the children!?" FUCK THE CHILDREN! Fuck 'em! They're getting entirely too much children. I can imagine if I confronted these OMM parents, they'd probably tell me, "Well, at least I love my children, you sinner!" FUCK YOU! EVERYBODY loves their children. Doesn't make you special. John Wayne Gacey loved his children.

  5. Seeing the Satan in a Kids Show - only in U.S.A

  6. No one will take the dumb cunts seriously.

  7. 1/10
    I hate it
    But we're going to watch it anyway

  8. Just give it up mlp is just a show stop making ut sexist racist and bow saying stuff about gay marraige every one should just be able to marry whi ever the fucking hell they want to its just fucking rediculis the kids are fine and so us every one else if you dont like it than just stop watching and buying it.