Tracy Cage Charity Ride at BABScon

Following the wave of absurd success that was the "Capper General Memorial Pasta Fund" at Nightmare Nights Dallas, (a food drive that raised over $3000 and provided over 9000 meals for the hungry),
/mlp/ has taken on a new project, in cooperation with the folks over at BABScon.

The effort is referred to as "The Tracy Cage Charity Train" or "Operation BABScon", and is currently ongoing.

The project itself has several different goals, and ways that people can help.

First and foremost is the "/mlp/roducts Merch Table" that will be set up at BABScon, where board-related merchandise will be available.
Profits from the merch table will be donated to charity.
The group organizing the merch table is in need of donations of artwork that can be printed and used to stock the table.

In addition to donations of artwork or merch, those interested in helping can also donate money through the crowd-funding link here; which is linked to another goal of the effort;
give a gift to Lauren Faust from the board, as a token of our esteem, and as an invitation to the convention.
The gift (which HAS already been funded) is a vintage bottle of 2003 Marcassin Estate Pinot Noir
 (Pinot Noir is well-known to be Lauren's drink of choice).
The bottle will be coming from a wine-bank just a few miles from BABScon itself.

Donors through the crowdsourcer, who also provide their mailing information to the host, will also receive custom Tracy Cage trading cards.
The cards be printed and mailed later, as well as discount codes for convention admission to BABScon.
The fundly ends in 1 month on Valentines Day, so those who wish to receive the cards/codes should donate before then.
Additional funds beyond the required amount to purchase the bottle are being used to fund the charity table.

Comments (3)

  1. If we want to send homemade clay sculpture/figurine for the convention table, who should we contact?

    1. Send Capper a tweet @cappergeneral or an email

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